How To Make Drastic Change – Success Formula

How To Make Drastic Change – Success Formula

How To Make Drastic ChangeToday (as we do every Wednesday) we were at the gym where we have a personal trainer to take us through our paces and keep us on track with our health and fitness…

You’re probably wondering what this has got to do with success and being an online entrepreneur and it’s a very good question …

One that we’ll answer in this article …. and we’ll use the metaphor losing weight because it’s one that most of us are familiar with and totally explains how to make drastic change.

How To Make Drastic Change

The equation for losing weight is a brain-dead simple one that every human knows (even if they don’t want to admit it)

Move More + Eat Less = Lose Weight

Yet everyone is looking for an easier way.  Everyone wants the promises of easy weight loss.  They keep holding out for a new method instead of mastering the only method that has ever worked : eat less and move more.  

They follow the shiny objects – the temptation of “easy” and “fast” and the weight loss companies reap in the profits in the billions!

Meanwhile a handful of people buckle down and master the formula of eat less and move more which is how you make drastic change!

The same thing happens in our profession – that of being an online entrepreneur/internet marketer

There’s a formula and if you follow it you’ll be successful but what tends to happen for most people is that they follow the shiny objects instead looking for “easy” and “fast“.

We are as guilty of this as anyone but because of having been there we can help you avoid the pitfalls and show you  how to make drastic change and create the success you’re looking for.

How To Make Drastic ChangeWe were listening to training just recently on how to make drastic change and we’ll share that training with you here because it deals with the problem we all have and why we don’t take the actions required to overcome the challenges presented to us.

It’s about the balance of scales.

All the time the consequences of NOT making a change are balanced with the PROS of making a change then sustainable change will not take place!

You need to ‘tip the scales‘ in order to make the change

We know all the reasons that people want to make change like …

  • more money
  • less work
  • more travel
  • time with family
  • private yacht/mansion/car
  • retire comfortable
  • etc

And we’re all of us serious about making the change (at the time) but we struggle to make the change for one or more of three reasons

1.  The goal is not clearly defined

Just like saying “I want to lose weight” is too vague so is “I want to make six figuresYou need to be specific like “I want to lose 10lbs by (state date)” and likewise “I want to make $200K by (state date).  Then you must break down what steps you need to take each day, week, month etc to achieve that goal.

If your goals are ‘wishy washy‘ and vague it just isn’t going to happen!

2.  The steps to achieve the goal are not outlined clearly

As we said above you need to break down your goals in to steps.

We need to know the step by step process to achieve our goal.  In a business example of making $200K in a year we need to know how much to achieve each month, each week and each day broken down and then the steps to achieve that (what adverts/marketing to do to achieve that result)

If it’s losing weight what steps must be taken to lose 10lbs each day!

3. The steps to achieve the goal are not implemented (acted upon)

In order to make things happen you have to do stuff.  You have choices to make.  In the example of losing weight we all know the steps – we have to exercise more and eat less yet most of us don’t implement the steps we need to take.

It’s the same in business.  We know the steps we need to take (they are not easy or fast but they are proven to work) but for many the steps are not taken and success alludes us.

You have to know the secret of how to make drastic change and now we’ve set that out for you above you have the formula.

We’re almost

But… the No. 1 area where people struggle in online marketing and building their business, is getting the right things done.

The natural tendency for most of us is to procrastinate, learn more ‘stuff’ before we feel we are ‘ready,’ and to do everything we can to avoid making any mistakes.

In other words, our natural tendencies keep us exactly where we are.

The question we leave you with is “how can I apply this method in my own life, to reach my business targets?”

Let us know if you will.

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