The Secret To Turning New Customers Into Back End Buyers

The Secret To Turning New Customers Into Back End Buyers

The secret to turning new customers into back end buyersThe Secret To Turning New Customers Into Back End Buyers : Let’s face it, everyone wants to know someone else’s “secrets” so they can shortcut their success and that’s exactly why we attend events and masterminds so we can hone our skills and then share with our tribe (that’s you reading this article)

We’ve just recently returned from nearly a month in the USA where we have been meeting with friends and customers as well as attending events … the last of which was in Orlando for the “Todd Brown” experience.  Obviously we’re a customer so we were eager to learn what he had to share on the future of business for all of us in 2010 and beyond … because let’s face it, the landscape of business is forever changing.  We didn’t even have Facebook 12 years ago and today there are over 1.59 billion users (Feb 2017)! Knowing the secrets ahead of everyone will give you a head start over the competition.

We learned a lot of “secrets” including “The Secret To Turning New Customers Into Back End Buyers”

Here’s what Todd Brown says on the subject and make sure to grab your free training at the end …

The Secret To Turning New Customers Into Back End Buyers

Todd Brown MFA Orlando Mastermind“Turning new customers into back end buyers is the real business you’re in.  It’s where you make the real profits in your business.  It’s where and how you make big money.

That’s why the process of turning new customers into excited back end buyers doesn’t begin after the first sale.  It begins at the first sale.

See : There are two purposes … two aims … when generating the first sale with a prospect:

Purpose #1 To generate a new customer

Purpose #2 To exceed your new customer’s expectations and set-up the next purchase (so they can get more value from you)

Regarding Purpose #1

Average entrepreneurs think their job is to turn a prospect into a new customer to make a sale, so they generate profits.

Savvy entrepreneurs and marketers understand their job with prospects is to make a sale to get a new customer

It may sound like the same thing or simply semantics, but it’s not.

Front-end marketing … marketing designed to turn prospects into new customers … is all about customer acquisition.  It’s not about profits.

Meaning : The aim with your front end marketing is to acquires as many new customers as possible.  Even if that means only breaking-even on every first sale (i.e. spending $1 to make back $1).

Why?  Because savvy entrepreneurs know the real money (profits) comes from the back end, the second, third and fourth transactions

Hence …

Regarding Purpose #2

This is why it’s so important for you to engineer great front end products … and great new customer experiences

Your aim, when fulfilling your front end products is to WOW them.  To exceed their expectations.  To over deliver.  To give them the goods!

Why?  Because your business makes its profits on the back end.  On the follow up transactions.  Not on that first transaction.

So you want to make sure your front-end products … and your new customer experiences with those products … lead your new customers to want more from you.

In fact, if there was ever a time to really pull out all the stops to make sure your customers experience the best you have to offer, it’s with their first purchase and interaction with you.

That’s why it baffles me when I see marketers delivering sub-par or average run-of-the mill products to new customers.  Like for example, some PDF or something they threw together.

And then they wonder why their new customers aren’t buying more from them.  Why would their new customers want to invest more when what they got the first time was nothing special?

Savvy marketers understand this.  Savvy marketers engineer their new products and new customer experiences strategically … so new customers get maximum value and want more.

And within the world of information publishing, this is more and more being done by engineering a specific series of experiences into how the product is delivered and how prospects are guided through the consumption of the product.

It’s no longer enough to simply send a post-purchase email with a link to download or access the product.  Then hope that’s good enough for a new customer to want more from you

Chris Beesley with Todd Brown MFA LiveTODAY, to make sure new customers become excited back end buyers, you need to strategically engineer the right experiences for them with their first product from you.

Do that … and watch how fast your profits grow as more and more new customers become regular back end buyers

If you want to better understand the nuances of engineering the right series of experiences into your info-products we highly recommend you watch download this report and watch the follow up training video from Marisa Murgatroyd (she’s one of our favourite marketers and a client of Todd Brown).  Her system is the best we’ve seen for this and is absolutely free (including cool templates you can use whatever your niche or industry)

Todd talks about the importance of customer acquisition and we know so many people start a business and really don’t understand the foundational skills of entrepreneurship and customer acquisition.  We cover this in one of our best products The Gold Masterclass (includes Silver Masterclass when purchased together)


We look forward to welcoming you back to our blog and more training and value to help you build a world economy of entrepreneursChris and Susan Signature

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