The Sellacation Formula

The Sellacation Formula

The Sellacation FormulaWhat the heck is “sellacation” you are probably asking yourself …. and we did too so you are in good company.

Sellacation means “Selling through education, providing value & education prior to asking for their money

And that word was coined by Mike Dillard

Here’s what he means by sellacation – and what we mean by the sellacation formula. We think it will really help you in your business when you truly understand it.

You may have heard it presented or spoken about in different ways before but we know that multiple exposures to a concept help you to understand better.

So sellaction basically is understanding that people do not like to be sold to but they do actually like to buy.  Understanding that getting people to purchase your products and services is easy as long as they see it as their idea to buy it. Here’s how you do it.

The sellacation formula is the process by which you get people to your product by educating them on the benefits of your product or services rather than pushing your product on them because you want to make a sale.  Of course we all want to make sales – that’s what business is all about after all but when you apply this formula you are building trust at the same time.  All the time you are talking about your products and services you are doing so in a way that adds value and provides education at the same time.

It is just one step in a five step process known as a sales funnel or a marketing pipeline

  • Advertising (Marketing and Promotion)
  • Lead Capture
  • Front End Sales
  • Back End Sales

All marketing is about promotions and getting your message out into the world. We’re not going to cover that specifically in this article as we want to concentrate on the sellacation formula today but you do need to know that there are integral steps that happen in the process …..

Such as …… your marketing and promotion must be directed to obtain a prospect’s details so that you can communicate with them should they not buy at the first exposure (during sellaction).  This is known as LEAD CAPTURE

Next comes “sellacation” which is what we are concentrating on in this article.

The Sellacation Formula

sellactiaon formulaNow that you have captured details of your prospect the “sellaction” begins

In the sellacation formula you are basically providing value to your prospects (Subscribers on your list, Facebook Friends, Facebook Fans etc) by giving them value added education …… regardless of whether or not they buy from you ever!

That education through constant communication builds the relationship of trust and respect and they come to see you as a person who can provide them with solutions to their problems in the future.

During the sellaction you must position your product, service, opportunity or business as the solution of choice – providing education – so that it becomes their idea to buy from you just like we said at the beginning of this article.

It may be just a small sale at first but it’s the start of the relationship and if they receive value once then they are more likely to buy again.  It’s why this really simple sellacation formula works so well.

It’s exactly how we work (even though we didn’t know the word sellacation at the time) and we learned this formula from Mike Dillard many years ago when we were first introduced to the concept of attraction marketing and his Magnetic Sponsoring education program.

Sellacation should how become the top word and activity in your business EVERY DAY … No Question!

The sellacation formula should ideally be directed towards retail products of anything from $7 to $47 since it is far easier to sell a small value product or service than direct to a business opportunity that may sell from between $2000 – $5000 for instance.

This retailing process gives you the opportunity to build trust with your new customers and turn them into life-long customers.

In our business that’s exactly how this works …..

We advertise and promote our business – build a list (lead capture) direct our prospects /subscribers through value driven communications and trainings to our system where they get further education on building their business for $47 and from there will be directed to further education and finally our preferred opportunity (back end) .

Sellaction allows us to take our prospects through further trust and relationship building and towards our back end products and opportunity.

The important factor is that the first product they buy should align with their wants and desires.  So in our case for people who want an online home business the first product they buy would be training on how to get started building a successful online home business and how to start marketing a home business)

Some of these people will go on to purchase our back end products over time.

Now, this may all be a little different to your particular business but it’s a generic formula that works in just about every business.

We would definitely recommend that you read Magnetic Sponsoring and see in more detail how it could work for your business…..

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