The Tomato Plant Story

The Tomato Plant Story

The Tomato Plant StoryRight now we’re in the Dominican Republic for a private mastermind and traffic training summit

We love to share what we learn although and pass on a few tips to help you in your business …

We heard a story  today that we think will help you understand better the importance of building relationships with your subscribers (those people who have shown initial interest in your business proposition) and realising that everyone is at a different stage of the buying cycle.

It’s called the tomato plant story

We recorded this video for you to explain why it’s important to build a subscriber list and we think the tomato plant story we heard today is a brilliant analogy

The Tomato Plant Story Video

Every subscriber who joins your list is like a little tomato plant that must be cared for as they go through their growing cycle.

As they get to understand you and how you can help them you get to form that all important relationship with them until they are ready to buy from you.

Just like tomatoes ripen at different times so your subscribers are ready to buy from you at different times – you don’t know when that will be …

Your job is to tend and care for them until that time

As an entrepreneur we need tools and systems to help us run our businesses and one of the essential tools you must have is an auto responder system to help you manage the building of your list and the management of your subscribers so that you can concentrate on creating the content to WOW them.

List Building Resources: AweberGetResponse Infusionsoft

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