The Top Three Skills To Be Successful Online

The Top Three Skills To Be Successful Online

The Top Three Skills To Be Successful OnlineAt a recent entrepreneurs mastermind in Bali Indonesia Michelle from Washington asked Matt Lloyd

What are the top three skills to be successful online that an entrepreneur should learn and master?

It’s a great question and for anyone starting out in the online business world and in  particular the affiliate marketing industry it’s going to be very helpful.  Luckily today there is far more education around than when we first became internet entrepreneurs.

The First Skill To Learn To Become Successful Online

I would say the very first skill you want to learn to be successful online is paid traffic. Learn how to generate traffic and get traffic in front of an offer, because even if you’re terrible at writing sales copy or making a sale or influencing someone to buy, you can always go and find someone else or someone else’s business, and they’re very good at that. They already have the sales funnel set up, and all you have to do is send traffic, targeted traffic. In other words, place ads, have people click the ads, click your affiliate link, go to that other website, and when they buy, you get paid a commission

The Top Three Skills To Be Successful Online With Matt Lloyd

If you’ve never done that before, it’s quite easy to do. You can go websites like Amazon has an affiliate programme. MOBE obviously has a big affiliate programme. We’ve paid out over $71 million now in commissions. You want to learn paid traffic, and when I say paid traffic, what you want to do is you want to focus on one form of traffic first. It might be, like, Facebook pay-per-click. You might decide you want to learn that. Could even be banner advertising. It could be doing sponsored ads in email marketing. It could be direct mail. It could be radio ads. Could be advertising in magazines, but my point is you pick one and you don’t try and learn anymore until you can consistently get traffic from that one traffic source.

Way too many people, they dabble in different traffic methods. They never take the time to master them, and of course they don’t get results, and before they know it, they’ve spent a lot of money, no results, and they’re just confused. You don’t need more than one paid traffic method to make a lot of money in this industry. Every single one of our million dollar earners, people who have earned over a million dollars with our affiliate programme, and we have six or seven of them now, they all focus on one traffic method. Besides one of them, they all do paid traffic, okay? Besides one of them. That’s the first thing you want to learn.

This is the ONE skill every business owner needs to master!

The Second Skill To Learn To Become Successful Online

the top three skills to be successful onlineThe very next thing you want to learn is the one thing that a lot of people probably don’t want to learn, and that’s how to sell. Whether you like it or not, if you’re going to be in business, at some point of course you’re going to need to sell. If you’re not promoting someone else’s product, if you’re promoting your own product or service, unless you know how to sell and how to influence people to buy, I mean, until a sale occurs, nothing else in business really matters. None of the other functions in business, accounting, all that stuff, matter until you’ve made a sale, so you need to learn how to sell.

When I first started, I got off to a slow start. I couldn’t make sales, okay? I wasn’t making any money online. What I did is I took a commission-only job as a telemarketer, and I did this for about three months. This was in Perth, Australia. I took this job where I was on a headset all day long in a little cubicle, and I was just selling all day long. If I didn’t sell, I didn’t get paid a cent. When I first started, I was terrible at it, but by the end I was able to make $200, $300 a day, some days more, just on pure commission. Looking back, that was one of the most valuable experiences I ever did for my career as an entrepreneur. If you have a fear over selling or any hesitation over selling, realise that’s some mental block that you have and you need to get over that. You need to get very comfortable with selling and influencing other people to buy. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re marketing a good product, then you shouldn’t have any hesitation or hangup around selling it.

The benefit of working with MOBE as an affiliate is the you don’t actually have to do the selling as they have a professional sales team handling that for you.  That’s why we love working with MOBE  They do what we’re not so good at 🙂

The Third Skill To Learn To Become Successful Online

The third skill that I would learn is copywriting. Good copywriting. Direct response copywriting. If you know how to sell one on one in person, that’s going to give you an enormous advantage when it comes to selling through print, selling through your writing and selling to the masses through copy. You want to learn how to sell one on one first, and then as long as you can do that, then selling in print is not that hard. Because selling in print, it’s not so much about how well you write from a good English perspective, or a grammar perspective. It’s more about, “Can you take what you do one on one, you know, sales interaction, and transfer that to the page?” If you can sell one on one, then selling in print is the next thing you want to learn.

The better you can get at writing copy, it’s just going to help you a lot. It’s going to help you when you craft offers. It’s going to help you in email marketing. It’s going to help you in delivering sales presentations and webinars, and doing the slides. It will just help you in all areas. I would recommend that you buy good copywriting books, not from internet marketing gurus, but from people who were doing this long before the internet ever came along. People like Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, because they are the true masters of it. Much more than internet marketing gurus of today to be honest.

Like sales skills, the best part of working with a good system like MOBE is that they have great copywriters creating content and emails for you to use until you get good enough to write your own 🙂

Learn those three skills and you’ll never have to worry about a lack of money ever again, if you can get good at them.

Thank you for joining us on our blog today and we hope you found this article and video The Top Three Skills To Be Successful Online helpful?

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