The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

The Road AheadWhen we saw this video The Road Ahead this morning  we couldn’t wait to share it with you but these words touched us first

The road ahead – you can’t start a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”


As we move into a new year there are certainly things we’d like to change, grow, and improve upon. With goals to chase and dreams to realise, we are all so busy …

But as we march toward these aspirations, whatever they may be take a second and reflect on memories – the collection of moments in time we keep between our ears. They are precious so don’t forget them but rather use them to define a new chapter in your life

There’s a saying that you can’t start a new chapter in your life if you continue to reread the last one. In many ways, we agree with this. The current moment will forever be a fresh start. It’s a new beginning. But every so often, it’s important to look back. It’s necessary to examine the things that have shaped who we are and taught us our most valuable lessons. Because if you never stop and listen, you’d never capture the magnificence of the song. If you never step outside the city, you’d never appreciate the beauty of its lights.

The Road Ahead

Video Credit The World Within

What makes beginning again such a unique thing is that it reminds us to step away and take a good look at what we have, those moments that we so often take for granted as our unpredictable journey transforms into a collection of moments in time, a series of little adventures that come together to define our view of the world and everything in it. It’s incredible that we work so hard to redefine happiness over and over again, when the answers we seek are moulded into those very memories of long drives and smiling faces, those moments that scared us half to death, pushed us outside the front door, and into uncharted waters. These moments aren’t lived and forgotten. They become ingrained in who we are.

This brings to light the most important question of all “Do you recognise the opportunity in every page you write? Are you pouring your heart into every line, your greatest self into every word? When all is said and done, what will you remember?” The next 365 should not be the road to a desired destination but should be that destination in and of itself. Looking back is your answer key, your map. It’s a tool to take the good stuff and multiply it, recreate it. If life is nothing more than a collection of moments, why not collect the ones that mean the most?

A masterpiece isn’t about the ending. It’s about every word that gives it life from cover to cover. That’s the fabric that ties to whole thing together. So may the road ahead of you be filled with action, not hope; passion, not obligation; and results, not plans. You may just fall in love with where it takes you.

“May the road ahead of you be filled with action not hope, passion not obligation and results, not plans. Just fall in love with where it takes you

We hope you found as much value from this wonderful inspirational video and the words transcribed as we did

It certainly makes you think doesn’t it …

PS  We hope you enjoy watching this video we recorded in Las Vegas at the end of 2016 sharing some of our favourite memories and why we are inspired to help more of you this year than we’ve been able to before

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