Today is Your Day

Today is Your Day

today is your dayWe have just spent 3 days at a millionaire traffic mastermind in London soaking up knowledge and being inspired by the speakers – each millionaires in their own right.

One of those speakers was a man by the name of Tom Beal.


Tom really touched us with his story, his knowledge and his willingness to share and inspire entrepreneurs just like you reading this post.

This morning he posted a very short (1 1/2 minute) audio called “Today is Your Day” which we want to share with you and we have transcribed it for those of you who like us like to read …

Today Is Your Day

Today is Your Day Soundcloud

“The evenings are perfect for rest and recharging

The mornings are perfect for gaining clarity on what adventures are intended for this upcoming day

It will be wise to sit and contemplate all of the possible “what might be’s” in this day and choose to partake in the ones best to you and what you feel drawn to

This journey is brief regardless of how long you live …

Get clear on what you want and go for it!

Transparency and vulnerability run out amongst all the noise and distractions of today

So choose to be transparent

Choose to be vulnerable

Choose to follow the path you feel drawn to with full force, boldness and passion …

And the rewards will dwarf what you feel as even being possible

Do not lead a life of quiet desparation

Lead a life of bold passion

Search deep into your heart, your soul and finally embrace the God Given Gifts, talents and experiences you are blessed with.

Hiding them is no longer an option

You and the world are ready and deserving

Your time is NOW

TODAY is not only THE DAY


Embrace it

Put aside your fears and go make it happen!”

~ Tom Beal

We hope that you were inspired by “Today is Your Day” as much as we were

We know we will be listening to these words  – the perfect mindset to begin each day.

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