Together Is Better

Together Is Better

Together Is Better On our way out to Spain last week we were reading an article reviewing a new book by Simon Sinek – Together Is Better : A Little Book Of Inspiration

Here’s what Simon says :-



It doesn’t matter when we start.
It doesn’t matter where we start.
All that matters is that we start.

All the time I hear people talking about how they want a different job but they’re not ready yet.

Or how they wish they could change their life but they’re not sure when.

Or they have a dream of starting a business but they don’t have enough money or the market conditions aren’t right.

Everyone has a million excuses as to why they shouldn’t do something, but really if you want to do anything, you just have to start.

You don’t have to start big – you can start small. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you’ve got to go on the journey.

It’s about momentum.

Read books, read articles, become a student of the things that you want to do even if you don’t make the physical change just yet.

The point is, take some action that moves you even one step closer to the thing that you desire.

It’s a book full of common sense written in an inspiring and down to earth manner and if you are one of those people who is unhappy with the way their work and life is right now then this is a great book to begin your personal journey of discovery and to START making changes before it’s too late

Together Is Better










Thank you for joining us on our blog today and choosing to read our review of Together Is Better by Simon Sinek

If you haven’t hear of him then we encourage you to read a previous book review Start With Why and see his aclaimed Ted Talk

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