Top Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk

Top Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk

“Say it over and over and over again with different sprinkles on it” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Top Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary VaynerchukTop Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk : If you are an entrepreneur and don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is then you have probably been living under a rock.  He is best known for his straight no nonsense talking and using the “F” word a lot but regardless what he says is usually spot on and you will want to listen to what he says.

Last week we were attending an event in London where he was the keynote speaker – last session on the last day.  We were told that there was very little chance of any photo opportunties as he was flying in and flying out …

Top EntrepreneurshipTips From Gary Vaynerchuk : #1 Never Give Up

Top Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary VaynerchukGary himself would tell you to never give up on what you are passionate about as an entrepreneur provided it is serving your audience. We couldn’t agree more.  How would we apply this to making sure we had a photo with him though?  Here’s what we did.  Knowing his approximate time of arrival we just made sure that we were at the hotel entrance and as he stepped out of the taxi we were there waiting for him … did he mind us asking for a picture?  Not at all.  He encourages the hussle and we defintely did that! “60 Plus Online Entrepreneurs – I love it” he said.

Top Entrepreneurship Tips From Gary Vaynerchuk : #2 Ask Good Questions

If you want to get the right answers from people who matter and can help you along your path then ask good questions

When we knew that Gary was coming to London not only did we want a photo opportunity but also to ask him a question knowing how passionate he is about entrepreneurship and especially entrepreneurship for people 50+ and 60+

The question we wanted to ask Gary was

“We hear you talk a lot about millenials needing to flipping wake themselves up and do something with their lives ….we’re finding that even though we’re championing entrepreneurship for the 50 and 60 plus that they’re still burying their heads in the sand and they don’t realise what’s coming for them and they’re not going to have the retirement they want because they won’t have the money for it.  What would you say?”

Here’s what he said in reply

I also made a video for the 60 year olds and told them to “wake the F!$@ up too” …

… I would say the same thing I have been saying to everybody. All you can do is tirelessly try to repackage the same truths in  whatever way you can.  Different adjectives, different words, different problems, different colours, different angles and different edits but it’s the same tried and true shit  … just keep saying it over and over and over again with different sprinkes on it

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We’re more committed than ever to deliver our message and if you saw our previous post where Gary had a message “6 Minutes for 60 Plus” it puts it all in perspective – love to know what you think?

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