What Is An Affiliate Marketer

What Is An Affiliate Marketer?

What Is An Affiliate MarketerWhat Is An Affiliate Marketer : It’s a great question and funnily enough when we started our online business we didn’t even realise that was the technical term for what we did. So to explain ..

The official definition of what is an affiliate marketer is “An affiliate marketer is a person who is rewarded for each visitor or customer brought to see or buy a product or service through their marketing efforts

Basically, an affiliate (that’s us or you if that’s what you want to do) gives wider distribution to the affiliate merchant’s products in return for compensation based on performance. The affiliate’s source of distribution usually comes in the form of website traffic or email list subscribers or any kind of marketing they do.

What Is An Affiliate Marketer Video From Costa Rica

As we write this we’ve just finished our morning walk here along the beach in Costa Rica. We like to get out really early, because it gets so hot so quickly. Just a few weeks ago we were in Mexico, and we thought that was beautiful, but we have to say Costa Rica really has touched our hearts, and it’s somewhere we actually love to work and to build our business. Of course, we can because of what we do. That leads us, actually, to a question we’d like to answer for you. One of our Facebook friends (they are a couple just like us actually and  reached out to us just the other day, they said, “We love seeing your posts on Facebook, your videos, your pictures.” …. “you were in Mexico a few weeks ago. Now you’re in Costa Rica, but we don’t really understand what it is that you do. We like what you do, but we don’t know what it is.” So we thought that we would address that for you in this video today.

We think in a nutshell, if you were to say exactly what Chris and Susan do, well, I suppose the technical term is we are affiliate marketers. What does that mean? That means that we promote other people’s products and services and trainings and events that when people buy, we get paid a commission. So for us it’s a very, very simple business model. Why do we like that model? Well, firstly, all of the products that we promote, that we share with people, that we show people, that we use ourselves, the first thing is we use them all ourselves, but they are all in the online business or online training and education niche.

In other words, if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably been researching how to build an online business, looking to use the internet to earn additional or maybe a full time income. You’ve been looking to find out exactly how you could build a business andmaybe like us travel the world and have the time and the financial freedom for you to work from anywhere.

In a nutshell, we’re affiliate marketers. But we only work with products that we use ourselves, and all of the products relate to entrepreneurship, helping people become entrepreneurs, helping people build a business online. Maybe that’s online training using different tools andresources. Maybe it’s mindset type of training, because also to become an entrepreneur, you need to have the right mindset. It’s totally different from being an employee to the extent that we’ve actually written a book about it called The Mindset Shift From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur. All of the products that we share and promote are all in that niche and will all help people who are looking to become online entrepreneurs and especially affiliate marketers.

So if you’re looking to become an online entrepreneur, to be able to travel the world and do some of the things we do, or maybe like Chris says, just to work part time and earn some additional income that allows you to help your family, maybe just to help yourself, maybe to support somecause that you’re passionate about, then this is one of the ideal ways to do it, because you haven’t got to go out there and create a product of your own. Trust us six years ago we had a go at that, and we can tell you it took us a long, long time to do that.

So for someone just getting started, not the ideal route, but a little later along, the line when you’re a bit more experienced, then it can be a great way to add some morevalue to your audience, to your tribe, to your community.

So thanks for reading or watching this video and of  course, if you’ve got any questions, do let us know just below in the comments and we’ll get back to you and answer them.

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