When Life Gets Hard – Ode to Excellence

When Life Gets Hard – Ode To Excellence

A friend shared this video ” Ode to Excellence” with us just the other day

It’s one of those videos that is inspiring and motivating at the same time …

And if you are an entrepreneur there are days when life gets hard and you just might want to take a few minutes out to re-focus.

Ode To Excellence

The words of “Ode to Excellence” are powerful and meaningful so we’ve to the video transcribed for you

“They say that the probability of being born is 1 in 400 trillion. I’m a living, breathing miracle. Every second here on earth is a gift and I’ll never let it slip away. Each day that I’m alive I will be better than I was the day before. When life gets hard I will work harder. I don’t make excuses. I face my challenges head on and I conquer them.

I refuse to be average and though the world may try to keep me down, I will prevail.

The faith I have in myself exceeds all else. I will never be outworked, out hustled or out smarted. If you run 6 miles I will run 7. If you lift 200 pounds I will lift 250.

I will win or I will die that is who I am.

I have never come across an obstacle that is insurmountable. The world does not provide barriers. It provides unlimited opportunity.

If I get knocked down I will get back up and I will be better because of it. Telling me something can’t be done only further ignites my desire to succeed. I know that the road less traveled is difficult but diverting from it was never an option. The only person responsible for my success is me.

In my final moments, looking back in my life I will have no regrets. I will have left no stone unturned. The sacrifices made, the blood, sweat and tears, the countless hours put in to my craft will not have been in vain. This is what makes a champion.

This is who I am”

If you can truly say you have given your all then what more can anyone ask of you?

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