How to Choose Profitable Products to Promote

How to Choose Profitable Products to Promote

choose profitable products to promoteWelcome to our blog if you are a first time visitor who has arrived searching for the answer to a question such as “how to choose profitable products to promote” and welcome back if you are following our series on “What You Need To Do To Succeed Online

We discussed earlier that succeeding online requires some basic skills that you are going to have to master.  Skills that most people who really succeed online have learned how to do.

They are:-

  • Choose profitable products to promote
  • Place advertisements
  • Get traffic to the sites those products promote
  • Write articles &/or create videos to get free traffic
  • Create blogs to develop a loyal following and a ‘know like and trust
  • Create and build a subscriber mailing list
  • Use auto-resonders
  • Build a relationship with their subscribers

In this article we will be talking about how to choose profitable products to promote and some of the pitfalls to avoid….. because hindsite is a wonderful thing!

The supermarket picture beautifully illustrates how the profitable products to the supermarket are displayed to get your attention.  Online it’s exactly the same but is done in a different way.  Start thinking like a supermarket owner.  After all yours is a business just like theirs!

Choose Profitable Products to Promote

Different things are going to apply to different types of business here when we talk about how to choose profitable products to promote.  If you are a straight up affiliate marketer promoting a wide range of products then your content – such as reviews and the like is going to dominate your website and your blogs but still make sure to have a page where people get to know you (about me or my story) and a contact page at the very least.

For the purpose of this article we are going to look at how to choose profitable products to promote in a specific niche – like dating, health or in our case online marketing education and wealth creation.

How To Choose Profitable Products To PromoteThe key is that you should be writing about and promoting products that relevant to that niche.  In our niche we not only promote ways to start a business in that niche but also products which support that niche which are profitable to our buyers in terms of value as well as profitable to us as the sellers of those products.

By this we mean be careful not to mix different niche products on one website.  It’s fine to sell lots of different variety of onions but not sell onions and shoes and handbags!

The products that you promote (and we include a business itself in that phrase) should achieve you income that allows your business to be a business – i.e. make profit.  Of course you will have to do marketing / advertising  (we will come to that later in this series) but you do need to make sure that what you earn is worth your input of time and effort. It’s why we concentrate of selling what are referred to as high ticket products – ones that earn in excess of $1000 in commissions.

You can supplement that with providing value tools, trainings, workshops, webinars, resources etc to your niche market (always considering the know, like and trust element)

When you are in your “research” stage of looking to choose profitable products to promote make sure that once you find the product that you then spend even more time finding the right person to buy it from.  This is advice from the heart and from experience as the last thing you want is to be ‘home alone‘ after you buy not knowing how to start promoting it and earning money from it.

Don’t confuse your market!  Stick to your niche.  They are looking to you to provide them the solutions to their problems.

Make sure to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment)

How To Choose Profitable Products To PromoteThe content itself is not the only way that you can promote your products – you can also do that by providing links to your profitable products on the sidebar (right panel) of your website – just like we do.

Visitors are drawn to your blog to read your value content and at the same time exposed to your products.

You don’t have to have lots of links within your article – 2 or 3 at the most.  Anything more is a real turn off and visitors who could be potential buyers will never return.


Before we go we wanted to leave you with some important information.

Your content (marketing) should sell the IDEA of the product and NOT the product

The fact is – people do not want to own products. They want to own what the product does for them and we’ll go into more detail on this in subsequent posts in this series.

Knowing this is the ‘icing on the cake‘ and will help you to become a good marketer and business owner (just like the supermarket owner we talked about earlier).

We’ll cover this in more details in the follow on series so make sure to bookmark this website

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