What You Need To Do To Succeed Online

What You Need To Do To Succeed Online?

What you need to do to succeed onlineWe’re here to share with you exactly what you need to do to succeed online?

That is the question we get asked pretty much every day and if you landed here on our blog it’s because you asked that same question (probably on Google or one of the other search engines) and hence ended up here.

When asking the question “what do you need to succeed online?” you first have to ask yourself why you want an online business and we’ll cover that in another article.

The first of the things that you are going to need to do to succeed online is gain KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge that you can get for free by reading blogs like this one and from e-books etc that are either freely available or at a very small investment (usually found for between $7-$17)  You can see one that we offer for $9.95 called IM Revolution.  All of this creates an excellent free/low cost education for you before you take the plunge.

You will likely see when you arrive on blogs like this that we do sell our products and services and introduce you to our programs (in blog posts and on the sidebar of our website).  That’s how we make a living but we also bring visitors to our website because of the knowledge and value we share.

What you need to do to succeed online : the problem most people have during their research phase is finding the right resources and knowledge and avoiding the inevitable overwhelm!  That’s why articles like this are so valuable

What You Need To Succeed OnlineFor instance we posted on Facebook just the other day asking our community there if they would like to read a post with the subject line “what you need to do to succeed online

You can see it here

We’ve got lots of friends waiting for us to deliver this article as you can see!

Everything we have learned was by going out there getting the knowledge, taking action and then teaching it.  Our motto is “Learn Do Teach”  We love what we do.


Now we need to get down to the ‘nitty gritty‘ of what you need to do to succeed online.

We suggest that you get yourself a notebook (preferably an A-Z notebook) where you can write down all the things that you learn and especially terms that you may not be familiar with as you start your journey.  As you find out about that particular term then add to your notebook (TIP – it will help you create content (marketing) for the future)

What You Need To Do To Succeed Online

Now you know that knowledge is an integral component of your success let’s get down to what we consider the important aspects of what you need to do to succeed online.  It all starts with LEARNING.

Succeeding online requires some basic skills that you are going to have to master – most people who really succeed online (and by “really” we mean they last longer than a few months in their online business) have learned how to do these things.

  • Choose profitable products to promote
  • Place advertisements
  • Get traffic to the sites those products promote
  • Write articles &/or create videos to get free traffic
  • Create blogs to develop a loyal following and a know like and trust
  • Create and build a subscriber mailing list
  • Use auto-resonders
  • Build a relationship with their subscribers

Using the notebook we mentioned earlier make a list of the things you will need to succeed online. You can easily start with the above if you like but there are going to be many more you will discover on your journey.  We’ll cover them individually in future blog posts.

From the list choose what your focus will be for the next 3 days/week (choose how long to suit your circumstances) and then let everything else wait. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much progress you can make if you focus on JUST ONE THING.

This is really really powerful and will start to answer exactly what you need to do to succeed online.

Invest (money) in yourself and your business

When we get asked Chris and Susan “what do you need to do to succeed online?” we are always honest and say that you are going to need to invest.  Invest in yourself (personal development) and your business education.  There is no such thing in life as a free lunch!

Some people would  like to believe that you can get everything you need for a few dollars or even for free and be able to make millions.  It’s not going to happen! Sadly it all seems possible because of the false hype this industry is so well known for.  It’s a shame because there are many good programs that will teach you what you need to do to succeed online and even give you the products to promote to do that.  That’s what we do

The fact is that you will need to spend money (invest) at some point in a platform or a program that will give you the best chance of succeeding online ….

And of course you will need some tools and resources. Tools and resources will save you a lot of time and help you build your business.

Time as we all know is a very precious commodity after all! On the other side of the coin, if funds are limited to begin with there is much you can do for free which will help you succeed in your online business. Blogging, article writing etc are great examples but the cost is going to be TIME.  It’s all a balance and you do what you have to do in the beginning of your business.

What you need to do to succeed onlineHere’s the biggie in answer to what you need to do to succeed on line. It’s Avoid Hype!

We mentioned this earlier and talking from experience it is very easy to be drawn into what we call the hype that’s prevalent on the internet (all those shiny objects) and believe us if there was a magic solution to making millions in a few days everyone would be doing it wouldn’t they.

We have a saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”  However it is not always the case so do what we call your ‘due diligence’ and think carefully before taking out your credit card.  Sleep on it and if it still feels right do it.

A tool or resource at $10  for example is not a business.  Its a tool or resource.  We have heard countless times someone say they are going to make money selling some affiliate product when they don’t even know the basics of online marketing (see LEARNING).  They are destined for failure and quickly move to the next shiny object.

Our favourite answer in what you need to do to succeed online is make a Proper Plan

Once you have decided that an online business is for you then make a plan to stick with it through thick and thin until you succeed

So many times we have spoken people who tell us they have joined a program and have quit because they didn’t make any money in the first couple of months.  Then they are looking to join another program and we know they will do exactly the same.

We call it ‘the crazy 8‘ because they just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result but always doing the same thing.

No one can succeed this way!

You have to treat your online business as a BUSINESS!

If you spent thousands of dollars (or whatever the currency in your country) on a bricks and mortar or franchise business you wouldn’t expect miraculous results in under 2 or 3 months would you?  In truth most businesses don’t make profit in their first year even!

That being said, doing business online is different to doing business offline and you can succeed much faster than in a traditional business start up.

A successful business online is possible but you have to be prepared to learn, focus, and take consistent action.  Commit to that program you joined and do everything possible (like your life depended on it) to make it work.  That’s what those who are successful do.

What You Need To Do To Succeed Online – Summary

Before you join any program research it thoroughly and made sure that the people are real, and have a system that gives you the best chance of succeeding and making real money and creating long term wealth and prosperity.

If you are reading this and have seen a  program you really want to join but say you have no money ask yourself the questions “If I did have the money would this be for me”  If the answer is yes then do whatever it takes to make it happen

That’s the end of this blog post answering what you need to do to succeed online.  We know there’s lot more to include but that would be overwhelm and we want to eliminate that!

We’ll cover the basic skills mentioned above in separate articles so watch out for them.

Understand that you need to invest in your education and your business and learn new skills.  It’s a journey – enjoy it :-)

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