New Rules of Facebook Marketing

New Rules of Facebook Marketing

New Rules of Facebook MarketingIf you have arrived on this blog post and want to understand a little better about Facebook marketing then you are in the right place.

With over a billion people on Facebook it’s the perfect place to “advertise” to a very specific audience of people who are looking for your products and services (in fact that’s exactly what Facebook want you to do – it’s how they make money after all).



Do not rush off to place a Facebook Ad without reading this post and understanding that there have been some very big recent changes in Facebook paid marketing which you should be aware of. Changes that you need to know to prevent your Facebook Account being shut down because you don’t know the new rules…

Because what was working before and some people are still teaching is not taking into account the new rules of Facebook marketing.  Don’t panic.

The New Rules of Facebook Marketing Explained

You have to understand that Facebook paid marketing is a great way to build your business and make sales but it is a moving feast.

In honestly, and our personal experience, there really is no better way to put the right offer in front of the right people than on Facebook using Facebook PPC (pay per click)

It’s why we loved this software called ClickMultiplier which shows you exactly how to take account of an profit from the new rules of Facebook marketing

It’s really important you take some time to watch the video so you can see how you can profit from the new rules of Facebook marketing and have the kind of success you hear other successful marketers achieving.

Matt Stefanik and Chris Blair really know what they are doing and having purchased their tools and softwares beforeare certain that this will be of the same high calibre – we’ve gone ahead and got it ourselves because we want to profit from the new rules of Facebook marketing too!

With ClickMultiplier you can take your Facebook marketing to a whole new level utilising retargetting, link tagging, conversion tracking and a whole host of things you probably never even heard of …

Don’t worry you are not alone and will be taught how to do all this stuff as soon as you take advantage of this software

Just imagine that by knowing the new rules of Facebook and being able to capitalise on them you will know information like who is buying your product – you will know who bought, how old they are, are they male or female, where they are located, whether they have already clicked on a similar offer in the past, and much much more….

Now that’s very helpful data we’re sure you will agree?  Once you know this information then the targeting becomes simple and profitable.

This is exactly what Click Multiplier will do for you.

(If you are an affiliate marketer you are definitely going to love to get your hands on this!)

We’re looking forward to taking our Facebook marketing to a new level …

How about you?

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