Why You Should Start A Business

Why You Should Start A Business

Why You Should Start A Business

This week we have been going back to basics – working with first time entrepreneurs

Seeing them take those first tentative steps towards changing their life and starting their own business and it has prompted us to write this article about why you should start a business and explain our thoughts behind it.

First we want to give you some facts to put this all into perspective. We were shocked by the statistics but it so made us realise why we need to share with you why you should start a business if you want to become wealthy ….

Why You Should Start a Business – The Facts

The richest 85% of people in the world own as much money as the bottom half of the world’s population (that’s 3.5 billion of the poorest people)  and ….

They are part of the world’s richest 1%  – a group who have amassed 46% of the world’s wealth   Source : Oxfam.org

Here’s the interesting fact though …. 76% of the richest people in the world own their own business!

Think of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg

Why You Should Start A Business
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As you are reading this post there are likely a couple of things going through your head regarding all those statistic about wealth?

  1. You resent the wealthy or
  2. You want to become like them

Some people say that wealthy people are greedy but studies show that in actual fact people also view them as some of the hardest working people and even as the most intelligent.

The truth is that many of us want to be wealthy …. even if not motivated by material possessions because we want financial freedom and the choices that provides us.

And whilst the most wealthy have gone on to accumulate wealth through real estate, the stock market etc the most common way they made their millions was


And it’s an interesting fact that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg  didn’t have money to start a business when they did but they did and idea or two and the raw determination to succeed.

To be honest that is the one characteristic that is hugely important in starting your own business and why you should own your own business without question.

We believe that in order to become financially free you do need to own your own business but the good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to come up with the ideas, products and services for that business.

That was something that appealed to us when we started our online business back in 2010

Luckily we had a mentor who told us that although we would be leveraging off the products of another business, we should create a business and a brand of our own.

That was the best advice we could have been given and it’s the advice we will hand to you today.

Leveraging the products and services of others to create a successful business is the perfect choice for most first time entrepreneurs because we know it works.

The great thing is that when you start a business leveraging the products and services already created by someone else it’s a whole lot easier …. trust us we know because we have created our own products!

In fact you can start a business for under $50 right now and be up and running with all the help you need to get you off the ground.

If you are serious about creating your own financial freedom and security then just make the time to watch this video about Why You Should Start A Business and then make that all important decision to START!

We will be honest – that is just the starting point and to have a successful and sustainable business that will help you become financially free you will need to invest time and money but you will be starting and that’s the most important thing in our books!

Just Do It!

Source : Forbes & Forbes 400

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