10X Goal Setting Secrets

10X Goal Setting Secrets

Congratulations if you have found yourself here looking to find our 10X Goal Setting Secrets

10X Goal Setting SecretsMillions of people will be searching on Google for Goal Setting as the New Year kicks off (28,800,000,000 at the time of writing) but sadly only a few will take any positive action to set their goals or commit to the activities in order to achieve them.

It’s why the word “resolution” is so appealing because people can easily resolve to do something but don’t have to actually commit to it as they would a goal.

In our professional lives working with small businesses, ever year we would get down to the task of planning and forecasting with the owners.  Setting targets to help them grow their business

goal setting secretsIt’s why we understand the importance of goal setting and want to share with you our 10X Goal Setting Secrets (we have in actual fact written a book on Goal Setting which goes into a lot more detail including the psychology of goal setting)

One thing that differentiates goals from resolutions is that resolutions are set one time a year (as the clock strikes midnight) and promptly forgotten whereas goals are set at any time of the year and should be for life!

To achieve success and the income goals you desire you need to set what Darren Hardy of Success Magazine calls ‘big hairy audacious goals‘ and why Grant Cardone author of The 10X Rule talks about 10X Goal Setting and hence the title we’ve chosen for this post – 10X Goal Setting.

He says “successful people dream big and have immense goals. They are not realistic.  They leave that to the masses … How big are your goals and dreams? Dream big, go big , and then figure out how to go bigger than that…. surround yourself with everything you can that inspires you to think big, act big and reach your full potential … commit first and figure it out later”

Like Darren Hardy and Grant Cardone we firmly believe that goals should be BIG and they should be powerful and supported with a compelling WHY…. hence we talk about 10X goal setting and not just goal setting these days …

… because you learn from and are inspired by great people and their accomplishments realising that you can do anything you put your mind to if you want it badly enough!

Don’t worry though because we’ve put together a handy guide on how to set BIG 10X Goals but manage them by what is called ‘chunking’

Download our 10X Goal Setting Guide

The 10X Goal Setting Secrets

That’s the difference and the secret to creating the most powerful goals possible. The difference that will make a difference to your life once you become aware of it …

It’s not something original either.  Abraham Maslow talked about it 70 odd years ago, Eastern Religions have talked about it since time immemorial and Napoleon Hill described it in very practical terms in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich” 80 plus years ago.

What was it?

Maslow called it Self Actualisation and Napoleon Hill called it The Definite Purpose or Chief Aim. You can call it whatever you like.

It’s so important that we want you to begin your journey with this end in mind

When you are thinking about what you want from life, in any area, you must think above and beyond the obvious and the tangible because the real drivers are not found in these. You won’t be nearly as motivated by a THING as you will be by what that thing might give you. That’s where the real power lies in goal setting.

For example, you might want more money… but only because that’s a vehicle to something else. It might be an end to financial worries, physical hardship etc.

Having lots of money can solve all those problems but it’s what it will bring you in return that will drive you to seek opportunities to draw it into your life. Having financial abundance is more about freedom than anything else.

  • Freedom to choose how you spend your time and who with
  • Freedom to go where you want when you want
  • Freedom to live your life according to your own agenda
  • Freedom to do what you want without having to worry about how to pay for it
  • Freedom to help others without having to count the cost first
  • Freedom to live in the moment

Look for the end result, the ultimate benefit that you will enjoy when you achieve your goal.

Begin by asking yourself :-

  • WHY you want it
  • What will it give me
  • What will that allow me to do?

Make each answer bigger and better than the last.

Keep asking until the only answer you can give makes you want to cry or jump for joy and when you get this far you will know you’ve got to the REAL reason you want that ‘thing

Then and only then will you be ready to thing about setting goals that inspire you so much that achieving them is no longer a possibility … it’s an inevitability.

We cover this in more details in 10X Goal Setting Secrets Download so you can print it out, read it and TAKE ACTION

Set a crazy stupid goal for yourself for 2015… something so big and exciting that it can’t help but get you out of bed each morning.

Finally ….

Goals Never Fail ONLY THE FAILURE To Implement Goals

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