Why We Love REV

Why We Love REV

Why We Love REV.com : It’s pretty simple really.  As you grow your business you find the resources that will help you save time and the greatest benefit of an online business is that you don’t need employees.  You can in fact “outsource” much of what would take a lot of time to a service that actually does it much more efficiently and cost effectively than you ever could.  We first discovered REV.com when we began transcribing videos so that we could create blog posts and articles that had videos knowing that some people just prefer to read.

This is an honest Rev.com review based on our own experience and why we are proud to share with our friends and students.  After all our reputation depends on it!

These days it’s absolutely necessary as technology has changed and because people tend to spend much more time consuming content on mobile devices.  Just take Facebook for example where there are hundreds of videos in the newsfeed and you don’t necessarily want to listen but would rather read what’s being said. Rev.com will provide the captions for those videos.  How cool is that?

What is REV.com

Rev is a company that provides transcription, translation, and captioning services and was started in 2009 round about the same time we started our online business.  Rev has been the recipient of PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice Award for transcribing audio and video files, and has been featured on sites such as Tech Crunch and The Wall Street Journal.

It says on it’s website that it’s “trusted by 100,000+ customers” and we can say truthfully we understand why as it’s our #1 choice

What Are The REV.com Services

Grab Your Guide To Closed Caption File Formats & Your $10 CouponREV.com provides transcription services (converting video and audio to text) and also captions videos both services at a cost of $1 per minute. It will also translate foreign video and audio at between $3-$7 per minute.

These services are provided round the clock since it has freelancers working on the assignments on time zones around the world.  In our experience we’ve found their work to be fast and accurate.  Bearing in mind you can review the captions for your videos and easily edit them on the fly and if necessary re-upload them to your source video it works very well.

For transcription the benefit is that you can for example create multiple pieces of content from a video or audio file and an added bonus when you order a caption file is that you get a text file with the transcription anyway.  That’s a win win in our books.

Get Your $10 Coupon To Use For Your First OrderObviously we are fans of the service so some may say we are biased since we are also affiliates but at the end of the day we don’t put our names to something we are not proud to promote.

If you would like to see one of the videos we recently had captioned and also transcribed just check out our latest article The Path To Success

If you want to try Rev.com for yourself we have a $10 coupon so why not make your own judgement?

Thanks for joining us here and hope you found this Rev.com review useful – do leave us a comment and let us know?

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