Brendon Burchard – Why You Have To Love Marketing

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Today’s post is Brendon Burchard – Why You Have to Love Marketing

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We were inspired to write this post “You Have To Love Marketing” following an article we read in Success Magazine where Brendon Burchard was talking about why you need to love marketing because in his words “Done correctly, marketing ignites creativity and sustains your business”

In our minds there is no better reason than this!

When asked “you love marketing so much. Why?” He replied

“People ask me this all the time, their faces often contorted with disbelief that I could enjoy such a thing.  My answer, though, usually elicits smiles and nods of agreement: “because it’s hard”

Once we accept that marketing isn’t supposed to be easy, we also may discover that it can be personally worthwhile – fulfilling.  Things that are easy rarely engage us, stretch or reward us.  Marketing can be a medium for activating our creativity, extending our capabilities and building meaningful art and business.

He goes on to say (and we can definitely resonate with that)

“after starting my own business, I realised that marketing is an essential business skill, and like all business skills, I’d better learn it or go broke.  So I decided to master it …. I studies; I tested; I failed; I tried again; I got better”

The reason we can resonate with that is because we are accountants by profession – we do stuff with numbers and spreadsheets and marketing was really not in our sphere of expertise and especially online marketing!

Too many people think of marketing as ‘posting’.  It has become a daily checklist: slap something on Facebook; tweet a tweet; pin a photo.  This is ok but you need a higher level thinking to be an effective marketer.

Here’s how to start thinking on that loftier plane according to Brendon Burchard

Imagine the Marketing Fairy has just descended into your office and says “good news: I’ve decided to give you, for free, a 60-second spot during the Super Bowl.  I’d like to give you three weeks of exposure to 300 million people online”

brendon burchard

Now that opportunity might challenge you to start thinking in the right direction.  Marketing should feel exciting.  This is your opportunity to get in front of millions.

What do you want to communicate?

What actions should people take?

How will you draw the masses to your website, engage them, capture their information?

What kind of business do you want to build as you share your story with the world

If these questions seem hard, then we’re starting on the right foot – because if following up to the questions is hard, you’ll dedicate time and ambitious thought to doing it well”

You can get a copy of The Charge for free here

Just like, Brendon Burchard, we see as the No 1 failure point of most businesses (and that’s from our experience as management consultants as well as online marketers)  that they don’t take marketing seriously.  Marketing is absolutely crucial and the absolute No 1 priority. Without it you don’t have a business.

It’s the reason that we are passionate about online marketing training and education and work tirelessly to get the message out there so that people stop failing in their business through lack of traffic, leads and sales.

Once you have learnt the basics of marketing then comes the time to be more creative and inspired and if you have not yet read brendon Burchard’s book The Charge you should get hold of a copy.  In it he explores the creative face of marketing and explains how your marketing reveals who you are to the world.  This may seem very strange but it’s really not.

It forces you to ask the questions such as :-

  • What do we stand for?
  • How do we add value?
  • What’s our style?
  • What makes us awesome?
  • How will be stand out?
  • How will we change the world?

Learn the difference between a promotion versus a campaign

A promotion is a single one off leading to a specific action such as calling a number, clicking a button etc to buy something you are promoting.  It usually starts and finishes in one day.

A campaign is a series of promotions designed to capture people’s hearts and minds.  So say we look at a postcard mailed to people – that is a promotion.  A campaign is a series of postcards, telephone calls, online posts and adverts to win people over and may last several weeks.

So now you have a a challenge and what is more ‘finding joy in the challenge‘.

It’s why we concentrate on delivering online marketing education and training so that any business can achieve the heights it deserves and for those seeking a business delivering online marketing education and training the world’s your oyster provided you find the right one.

For us it’s a business that empowers others to discover and utilise those skills and in what Brendon Burchard would call his “singular touch point” – click here to discover what it is we love.  We explain in our favourite medium – video.

Thanks for reading and we hope you got some inspiration and thought from this post.

Let us know how you get on – we love to hear your success stories and even your marketing challenges

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Brendon Burchard – Why You Have To Love Marketing

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