The Problem With Free – Can I Make Money Online For Free

The Problem With Free

Can I Make Money Online For Free

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Everywhere you look nowadays its FRee, FREE, …… but here’s the thing.  There’s a BIG problem with FREE.  In fact there are several problems with free and most especially when you are talking about getting started in any business an especially in the Make Money Online niche.

The Problem with Free #1

Everywhere you look on the internet in particular you see that you can get ‘stuff’ for free.  Free Autoresponder services (full of ads), Free Blogs (full of ads), Free Lead Capture Page Creators (ads) …. get the picture.  The components may be free but you are in return giving advertising – free advertising to the creators of those components.  Well that’s fair really!

The Problem with Free #2

So you get all these component parts and then what?  Well you can use the search engines for free and find out how they all fit together.  Free in terms of cost but certainly not free in terms of time or knowledge or how they really work to create income and profit from them.

Actually there is a lot more to it so we decided to cut a video to explain – in particular to answer the question “Can I Make Money Online for Free

This Video Has Been Removed By YouTube – We Await the Outcome of Our Appeal  It did Not Breach Any Community Guidelines and has been Maliciously Targetted

We answered a specific question we actually had and it is worthwhile actually writing out that question here and giving you our more specific answer because we believe it will actually be very helpful and constructive   We get many others in a similar vein but this covers our answer to this and similar scenarios

“I’m Completely Broke. Can You Get Me Started And Let Me Pay You Back Out Of My Future Earnings”

No. And here’s why:

You’re asking us to be more committed to your business than you are. And that’s not how success works.

We get that you might be in a financial bind. But instead of asking for a hand-out, you need to step up and realise a simple fact: you do not have a shortage of money. You have a shortage of IDEAS.

Turn off the TV….turn off Facebook….turn off your mobile phone…..get a pencil and paper. And write down 10 ways that you can come up with the money within 24 hours. It’s simpler than you think.

As we discuss in the video, we have seen many people saying you can make money online for free – mainly affiliate marketing using Clickbank and we explain why that is not a good idea in the long term.  When you learn the skills of internet marketing that is a whole different ball game as you will discover ….

If you are ready to make money online and learn the skills of internet marketing by investing in yourself and you have found a way to come up with the money then we’re here to guide you on your way – it all starts here

Got some further questions?  We’ve likely covered them in this FAQ Document

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The Problem With Free – Can I Make Money Online For Free

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