Your Dream – Do You Know Your Why

Your Dream – Do You Know Your Why

(Your Story)

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You have probably heard it said a thousand time before “what’s your why?  There’s a reason for that – it’s because it is totally about you and nobody else.  Our story isn’t your story and your story isn’t our story.

The truth is that everyone has a reason for wanting to change something in their life but to make it happen that reason has to be very very strong – so strong almost that you life may even depend upon it.

Have you ever been to a seminar or been on a webinar where the presenter says to you “how strong would your reason be to do (insert whatever that is here) if your child’s life depended on it?”   Now we know that this is a big exaggeration but the point is that very often the pain has to be so great for you to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

As children we are naturally curious asking “why” over and over again until we get the answer.  When we become adults we sort of forget about that and just live day to day. We forget to ask why.  We begin to just accept things.  Why” doesn’t seem important anymore because we are so busy… doing whatever it is that we do – even something we don’t particularly want to do!

So, let us ask you this… Do you know your WHY?

It’s the most important question and something that we need to ask ourselves because if you don’t know why, you don’t know how and you will waste a lot of time going nowhere in particular, but with a LOT of frustration.

So let us ask you this and please answer honestly…

Do you know why you are doing everything that you are doing in your life?  Why you are living where you are living, why you are doing the work that you are doing, why you are the person that you are and the reason that you want the things that you want out of life?

The reason that you are looking to change what you are doing even?

Knowing your why is essential to go out and achieve your dreams.  It defines your purpose and it gives meaning to your life.

Now it’s time for you to sit somewhere quietly and to write down exactly what is great about your life right now – then you have to do your sums – which column outweighs the other and by how much?

Now you can define your WHY – write it down

As we said at the beginning, your “why” needs to be profound and meaningful to bring about change – it could simply be…I need to do this (whatever that is) to pay the bills. It’s about getting comfortable with the answer so that you can take the required course of action.

What’s your story?  The reason why that creates your own individual story? We want you to start putting this information together so that you can set your intention towards creating you dream.

Joe Vitale’s Story

Some people have been made homeless, lost every penny …… in fact just now we were reading Joe Vitale’s (from The Secret) story (he was homeless and near despair) but that’s not our story and it’s likely not your story either.  But it is powerful and we want you to read it.  Then you will understand why your story has to be your story – your dream is your dream – but it does have the power to move people.

Here’s how it starts

“…….. As long as I’ve known you, you’ve never told this story before. It’s riveting. This changes everything.”

Changes everything? Riveting? They all said I had to tell the story now. Mark went on to say, “Given the current financial crisis and with people losing their homes and their jobs, this story needs to be told more than ever before.” I heard them, took a long drink of water, and realized that I agreed.

So here’s the story…  read on

Our Story – our why

We’re not asking you to buy our story – we just want to give you an example ….. in fact we are going to Egypt next week where we will record a video because it was such a part of our  reason why ….. even though we didn’t know it or acknowledge it to begin with and didn’t share it in our story until very recently.

Let’s take you back to late February 2009 – we were still running our management consultancy business when we got a call from Susan’s Mum to say that her husband Vic (Susan’s Step-father) had been taken seriously ill and was in hospital in Luxor and they wanted to undertake some very serious and quite major surgery – even fly him to Cairo.  Susan’s Mum was obviously beside herself with worry added to which she is partially sighted.  Clearly Susan had to go to Egypt ….. but she had client responsibilities to fulfil (no different to having a job realistically).  We sat down and worked out how we could get her to Egypt and still fulfil her client work – there was no question about whether she had to go our not.  It involved a fair bit of juggling but the long and short of it was she went off to Egypt to be with her Mum.  She was away for about 10 days.  She cared for her Mum and Vic during the day and also managed to get on the internet and manage her client responsibilities – so far so good.  However when she got back to the UK everything changed ……  within a few months we were to lose that particular client – just like that.

That was the defining moment for us and we realised how vulnerable our business was – we knew we were going to have to do something about our situation looking at the longer term because we realised that our time for money consultancy would just keep requiring more time for us to even stand still, particularly in a recession where there was so much uncertainty and we could lose a client just like that.

So here you can start to see the picture emerging and the big reason why.  We decided we couldn’t risk someone else controlling our future ever again – we had to be in control – plus we are of a certain age (baby boomers) and just wanted to travel more – to go to our home in the French Alps more often and just do what we love – skiing.  It’s what we had been working hard for.  That set us on a journey to find a way to replace our mangement consultancy income,  and it finally led us to working full time on the internet in 2010 and giving notice to our remaining clients.

We can’t say that it was all plain sailing but what we can say is that we had such a strong why to change our circumstances.  Everyone will have their own why – their own story.

You can read our full story here

Every day we get people joining us, sharing their stories and beginning their journey.

If you are looking to start a new business and want to inspire and motivate here is what you need to ask yourself first – “what’s my purpose, my cause, my belief; why do I get out of bed in the morning; why should anyone care.”

Now it’s your turn.   What’s your story?  Your Why? And what are you going to do to create that dream?

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 Your Dream – Do You Know Your Why

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