Traffic Mastery – Why You Need Traffic

Traffic Mastery – Why You Need Traffic



Everybody knows the saying “traffic is the lifeblood of your business” but the sad truth is very few people know HOW or WHERE to get it – traffic mastery and using the right traffic strategies for your business is the key to your success!

If you are a newcomer to the online business world it’s all a bit of a minefield – we understand that pain because we were there once upon a time and probably because we are a little bit older than most online marketers we know home important it is to understand the importance of traffic and keeping it simple.

If you are thinking of becoming an online marketer for the first time then we hope this information will be helpful to you – so you are not going into it blindly hoping to just “make money” with the latest program without knowing how to get traffic (the marketing)

If you just search on for “traffic strategies” for example you get 43,700,000 results …… so you can see why so many people get lost and don’t know what to do.

Now if you are anything like us, you’ve probably attended some events and watched some webinars or training videos or seen some sales videos and been told on many occasions that making money on the internet comes down to a very simple model…something like this …



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The training goes on to show you how to build your website and what to put on it to get people to buy but leaves out the most important part of the “puzzle”…..the bit you really need to know….how to get traffic

How frustrating! – how can you expect to succeed online if you haven’t specifically been shown how to get traffic?

We’re certainly not going to pretend to know every single strategy, resource or tool in the market place (remember that search raised over 43 million results) but we do know what works for us and we share that knowledge in our online training courses, mentoring and in our Traffic Mastery Courses which we hold in London and also from our home in the French Alps.

Traffic Mastery Courses

It’s because we know from experience that learning in a small group is just the best way and when there are so many traffic strategies available we can help you to tailor these to your business and get the very best from them …. we don’t yet hold them in multiple locations around the world but we are working in that.

Here’s what our students said at the last event

This was a totally mixed class from first time entrepreneurs to authors and online business owners with some experience but the missing key was learning the traffic strategies that are working today – these are what we teach and we invest considerably into our education so that we are always at the leading edge with these strategies – because things do change at such a pace.

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Who is this course for?

  • YOU….anyone who is using the internet to make money
  • If you are a new entrepreneur
  • If you are new to internet marketing
  • If you are expanding your existing online business
  • If you have an MLM or Network Marketing business

This course will give you the final and most important piece of the jigsaw -TRAFFIC

At The End Of The Weekend You Will…

  • Have written your personal marketing plan
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of both free and paid marketing strategies
  • Know how to build a list and how to use it
  • Know how to automate your business
  • Be given all the training materials we have used
  • Have had all of your questions answered and be ready to start getting more traffic, more leads and more sales

 What’s our favourite traffic strategy?

It has to be hands down video marketing – we first came to realise that video would play a huge part in marketing of the future as far back as 2005 when we were very much engaged in our management consultancy business (that was just prior to Google buying out YouTube in 2006)   Needless to say, no one at that time realised how powerful it would be!

Choose Your Traffic Strategy

We recommend that you choose a strategy that you like to begin with – if you like writing then Content Marketing (blogging and article writing) would be your choice.  If you hate writing then reverse is true.  The same with video – if you hate being in front of a camera then this is not going to be a strategy that will excite and motivate you.

Once you have mastered one then it is time to move on to another until you becomeproficient at many different strategies both free and paid.

These are the most common traffic (marketing) strategies that you will want to be using in your business:-

Content Marketing – blogging and article writing and distribution

Social Marketing – the serious way to get free traffic and qualified buyers and how to automate it – including for example Pinterest strategies

Facebook PPC – paid targetted traffic

Video Marketing  –

Paid Traffic – Solo Advertising, Ezine Advertising & Co-ops

Email marketing *

*All of these traffic strategies are linked to your greatest asset – your list!  Therefore we will be sharing with you our tips on communicating with your list and how to turn them into buyers and repeat buyers.

We will also share with you our traffic automation strategies so that you can optimise everything you do.

It really doesn’t matter what online business you decide on – the core principles are driving traffic, generating leads and building a relationship with these leads so that they become buyers and then repeat buyers.   As you can see “traffic” is the missing puzzle piece.

Click here for more information on how you can join our Traffic Mastery Course  and fast track your business success.

We will be sharing further information about some of the traffic strategies we use so make sure you check back to our website regularly.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us – our details are below – we are real
people and we will speak to you!

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Chris and Susan Beesley




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 Traffic Mastery – Why You Need Traffic


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