Why You Should Never Quit – Three Feet From Gold

Why You Should Never Quit

 Three Feet From Gold

 Three Feet From Gold   Chris and Susan Beesley

Three Feet From Gold – Why You Should Never Quit

This is not so much about the book but about YOU and what you can learn from this story just as we have ……

We work with a lot of people helping them to set up and manage their online business and one of the things that we see happen is that people have very high expectations and want instant gratification and success.  There is nothing wrong in any of that – we are high achievers ourselves but the difference is that we don’t quit even when the going gets tough and it has been tough for us at times.  We don’t mind admitting that.  The success we enjoy today has been the result of a lot of hard work and effort and a mindset of never giving up EVER!

The thing that we know is that the people that truly succeed in life don’t give up – they never quit.  It really is about not giving up – not quitting and not throwing in the towel when the going gets tough.  Unfortunately, in our experience too many people give us just three feet from gold and they were likely on the cusp of success.  Maybe it was that first lead, that first sale ….. and they never knew they could do it.  Maybe someone has failed previously and lost everything like Bob proctor.  Don’t let that stop you from starting again.

One of the best books we have ever read is “Three Feet From Gold” by Greg S Reid and Sharon Lechter.  This video gives you a brief summary of the story but we would recommend that you get yourself the book and read it cover to cover and read it more than once.

Three Feet From Gold

We were lucky enough to meet Sharon Lechter Co Author of Three Feet From Gold and the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series when she was in London last year and asked her to share with us her advice on becoming an entrepreneur. If you missed that blog post and video you can read it here

You can also read the chapter from Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich where he tells the story of R U Darby which inspired the book Three Feet From Gold

If you have not read this before you can download a copy here

Think like Bob Proctor – Star of The Secret and Founder of LifeSuccess who freely admists “I have lost everything I owned – twice. It would have been so easy to quit …

There is another video just below this one where Greg Reid shares with you the creation of Three Feet From Gold and the stories of some of the people that he interviewed and what they have to say about success and never quitting.

Three Feet from Gold – The Story


Based on the Teachings of Napoleon Hill – Three Feet From Gold

 Three Feet From Gold – The Stars of The Movie

Hear from the modern day entrepreneurs who never quit and went on to create some of the famous brands that would never have existed without their perserverance and “never quit” attitude – people like David Liniger Founder of Re/Mac,  James Amos Founder of UPS and Drayton McLane Owner of Houston Astros who says that “sometimes the worst situations turn out to be the best opportunities”


We hope you enjoyed and took value from these videos and will share them with anyone you know who could do with a little encouragement.

Never give up, you could be three feet from gold – the greatest success of your life.

And finally …. “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win” ~ Vince Lombardi
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Why You Should Never Quit – Three Feet From Gold

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