Designing An Incredible Life

Designing An Incredible Life

Designing An Incredible LifeDesigning An Incredible Life : Following on from our previous post Desigining Your Perfect Life we promised to share with you the follow up videos from our friend and entrepreneurs Jeff Walker… because well he’s ahead of the curve for most of us so it’s his wisdom that will help us get what we want from being in business for ourselves.

We’ll leave the link to Part 1 of this 3 part series at the end of todays video.

Now funnily enough it was our love of skiing and being in the mountains that started our adventure and whilst we don’t get to ski every Friday as Jeff Walker does (there is of course a reason for that – we don’t live full time in a ski resort) we have in fact designed a business and life that go hand in hand

Desigining An Incredible Life by Jeff Walker

The “designing an incredible life” message is actually a pretty simple one if you think about it and as he says …

We live in an era of pretty much limitless opportunity and especially once you start to build up some momentum and build up and audience and build up a business, it really is pretty much almost limitless opportunity. There are never-ending projects. There are never-ending people that want to get on my calendar, want to schedule calls, want to bring opportunities to me. There are never-ending opportunities to do promotions, to create products, to shoot videos…

Now we absolutely get that because that’s the position we found ourselves in but we also made sure that we never lost sight of the intention behind our online business.  Why we were doing what we were doing and what we wanted from it.  Yes we have days, weeks and months full to the brim with activities for our business but we also have long lazy days and weeks away skiing or travelling to somewhere on our bucket list.

We know this isn’t the intention that a lot of people are going to want. Not everyone wants to go skiing every week. Not everyone wants to go skiing every Friday like Jeff, but that’s ours and that’s his. So it’s all part of that life we’ve designed with intention.

The question for you is “what life do you want to lead, and then how can you be just, “no compromise” when it comes to leading that life?

Thanks for reading and here’s the link to Part 1 : Desigining Your Perfect Life

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