Empowered Women Celebrate International Womens Month

Empowered Women Celebrate International Women’s Month ….

In April 2013 in Chicago a brand new product will be released – The Empower Network Online Marketing Kit for Empowered Women.  Of course it will be available to men as well!

During the Austin Empower Network event, Ashley Wood assembled the top ten women in Empower Network on stage to answer questions and share their story, and their passion.  Susan was chosen to join Ashley on stage as one of those empowered women.  Susan was the last person to speak and shared her story and why she (the ‘royal’ we) joined Empower.

Fortunately, Chris was on hand to record the session and you can watch the video and listen to the ten “empowered women” (and Tony Rush) and learn why this market is wide open to women entrepreneurs from all walks of life …… think of this as the empowered women ‘pre-launch

In preparation for the Empowered Women product, the ten women were interviewed by Ashley Wood but you will have to wait until April to find out what was said and why it will be important to you……

Empowered Women

Empowered Women – Rosa Parks

Meanwhile, let’s just look at some of the most empowered women in the world and the influence they have had on history and life today.

The most iconic of the world’s empowered women who was in the news just the other day was Rosa Parks who has just had a statue unveiled in her honour.  US President Barack Obama said of this most amazing of empowered women …..

“This morning we celebrate a seamstress, slight in stature, but mighty in courage. She defied the odds and she defied injustice. She lived a life of activism, but also a life of dignity and grace and in a single moment, with the simplest of gestures, she helped change America and helped change the world.”

rosa parks

Over the coming weeks we will be writing about some other iconic empowered women and if you have a story to share please contact us and let us know and you can guest blog for us.

In the meantime, we continue to seek Empowered Women (and Empowered Men of course)  Are you one of them?

 Empowered Women

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Empowered Women

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