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It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what niche you are in you need to build a list of raving fans – people who are interested in what it is you do and who will likely buy your goods and services.

Easier said that done you may think – well we thought so too when we first ventured online.   You see, we were used to working with small businesses in a traditional manner and the way that you built your “list” was by networking and exchanging business cards.  Then you would build a relationship with those people and eventually do business with them either directly or indirectly though a referral to another person for instance.  We never really thought of it as building “a list of raving fans” but effectively that was just what it was.

Then if you did a good job for a client they would tell other people about you and through ‘word of mouth’ you would get more clients and build your business.

Online it is no different except that you are generally “networking” online and building relationships with people who may later subscribe to your list because they have a genuine interest in what you do or who have actively found you …… and that’s the really cool stuff that starts to happen.

Now when we got started online this was all a bit of a mystery to us and we really couldn’t see how it was all going to work …… but be assured it does work.  There is a right way of doing it however and we want to share some of those ideas with you to help you get started.  Everyone has to start at the beginning …..

Over time, we have built a list of loyal subscribers who have found us online or responded to some marketing that we have done.  Now the important factor here – the “X” factor if you like is the relationship we have built with those people – if you are reading this you are likely one of those people.

For some of our subscribers, it hasn’t been quite the right time for them to get started with their online business but we continue to provide valuable content that will be helpful to them in the future.  Many of you actually write to us and tell us what you are doing – that is really special to us.

Our gift to you today is a book written by our mentor and we are certain that you are going to find it of immense value.

Here’s how to get your Free Report

Please find a quiet moment to read it carefully – it could well change your life!  And don’t forget …… we would love your feedback.

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