How To Multiply Your Success

How To Multiply Your Success

How To Multiply Your SuccessWe could have called this post The Compound Effect after the name of the book and the success principles we’ll be talking about today but “How To Multiply Your Success” is really what you want to know isn’t it?

Actually this post is written as a result of the research we are doing for a presentation at an entrepreneur training event in London later this week and we thought it would be great to share some of the content here on our blog so you can use it too.

We’re great fans of The Compound Effect and its a book we highly recommend to first time and more experienced entrepreneurs because in all honesty how to multiply your success is something we all need to know.  If you are too busy to read the book right now then watch this shortened video animation summary …

How To Multiply Your Success One Simple Step At A Time

“The Simple, Unsexy Truth About Success | The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy”

The reason we have chosen to model our training on the compound effect and how to multiply your success is as a result of the simple daily actions we take every day in our business to achieve our results.  These actions may not seem much on their own but success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out come rain or shine and whether you feel like it or not ..

In our presentation we are going to be talking about the goals we set ourselves and the 3 things we do every single day

  1. Mindset /personal development
  2. List building
  3. Creating content

The reason that they are in that order is that you need to have a positive mindset to go about your business and especially your marketing – that’s #2 List Building   Someone once asked us whether mindset or marketing were more important and as newbies we jumped in and said “marketing of course”  actually they are both equally important but no marketing will be effective without a positive mindset and seeing a positive outcome to your marketing efforts.

We will share more on the presentation in another article but if you would like to join us then do request a ticket and receive this presentation and lots more first hand with us in London

How To Multiply Your SuccesscSuccess in your business like anything requires you make the consistent actions even though you may see no immediate results or big wins – no obvious payoffs.  Don’t get tripped up by the simplicity of these small smart choices

Your success comes down to this simple formula


Where choice is a decision you make.  Behaviour is an action you take and Habit is the repeated action and Compounded is time

There’s only a habit standing between you and what you want in how to multiply your success!

How To Multiply Your Success Resources :

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The Compound Effect Habit Assessment

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Follow these simple principles and 3 months from now you will thank yourself!

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