The Four Mindsets Of An Entrepreneur

The Four Mindsets Of An Entrepreneur

the four mindsets of an entrepreneurMost business owners operate under the illusion they are in business, when in reality they’ve created themselves a job.

In the video below you will learn the four mindsets of an entrepreneur

As Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth says about the entrepreneurial myth …

“E-Myth is the entrepreneurial myth and essentially it says that people who go into business are not the entrepreneurs people believe them to be but what I’ve come to know as technicians suffering from and from an entrepreneurial seizure. The doctor opens up a medical practice, the attorney a legal practice, the software guy a software business, the hardware guy a hardware business each of them believing because they know how to do the work, the software, the medicine, the law, they know how to build a business that does that work. It’s just completely not true”

We know that only too well.  We’re accountants by profession and after Chris was made redundant we started our own accountancy and management consultancy business leveraging our technical skills of accountancy and business development.

Whilst our business did very well over the ensuing years what we discovered was that we had indeed like Michael Gerber (who you will hear from in a moment) created ourselves another JOB!

We wish we had known about the four mindsets of an entrepreneur then but at least we can shortcut that part of your journey

He explains in this video and we think you will find it very valuable.

The Four Mindsets Of An Entrepreneur

The interviewer Rick Spence asks Michael  “What could they do differently?

Well, you’d go to work as the e-myth says on your business as opposed to in your business. Like Ray Kroc did it, McDonald’s. He built the first prototype and then he stood outside of it, not inside of it and watched the little sucker work. When it didn’t work he knew that it was a problem with the system not with the person.

He went to work like Denning would say, on the system, not on the person. The person’s never the problem. The system is. The technician doesn’t know that. You understand and that’s what the e-myth is all about. Go to work on it not in it. To build the foolproof system that any ordinary person can produce extraordinary results over, and over, and over again and continually improve it. Continually innovation, quantification, and orchestration. It’s the ball game.

I’m saying to every single person – you get the first one right. You get your sales system right when your small. You get your lead generation system right when your small. You get your lead conversion system right when your small. Knowing that you’re going to big and that because you’re going to be big it’s absolutely critical that you’ve gotten it right so that you can replicate it tens of thousands to times.

That’s why the second time around we didn’t create ourselves a job but rather found a much better way through leveraging a system and products already created and now have the freedom we were looking for and a business we can work ON and not IN and which we are passionate about

If that’s what you’re looking for them take some time to look at our system and see if that would be perfect for you and why not get a free copy of our book Limitless

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