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Keep It Simple [Marketing And Branding]

Keep It SimpleWhy did we choose “Keep It Simple [Marketing And Branding}” as the title for this post?  It’s because in 2016 the focus is going to be on SIMPLE.  Last year was all about complicated sales funnels wheres this year it’s going to be much easier for everyone to create marketing funnels keeping to the KISS (keep it simple) formula

As we grow older (and we hope wiser) we get to see some of the best marketing from people we know like and respect  and therefore share that with our audience

As a professional business owner that’s something you too will learn to do over time – finding just the right people who you resonate with and who you trust to follow and consume their content.

When we look at the digital /online/internet marketing arena we look to people like Ryan Deiss who have the ability to test and measure in numerous niches and get a pretty good feel for what works.

Here’s his and the digital marketing team’s predictions  for 2016

Keep It Simple Branding

Keep It SimpleIn his predictions for 2016 Ryan Deiss predicts that branding will be simple and for you that means visualising a bank vault where you keep not money but goodwill created from the content you create and what you do for your prospects and customers.  He says “Some marketers have built up a positive balance of “goodwill” in their vault. In some cases it might even be overflowing. For others, however, the vault isn’t just empty…it’s running a negative balance ..”  If you are a brand new entrepreneur and marketer that’s also going to apply to you so you need start filling your vault with “goodwill” by creating value content so that when you ask for the sale (which we must all do to live and pay the bills) and it draws down on your goodwill vault you will easily be able to top it up again by continuing to add value

People often ask us why we give away all our best content – our best value.  It’s for precisely this reason.  When we ask for the sale our customer, our client already knows the value of what they are going to get because we’ve over delivered at the front end.

Keep it simple marketing is going to focus heavily on retargeting.  It’s going on all the time and you’ve probably been “stalked” just like we have after visiting a website to look at something (like a holiday or flights)  This going to be even more important in the marketing landscape and especially with the growth of Facebook as the top direct response advertising platform.  To get the most ROI from our marketing efforts then we’re going to need to put our message in front of our prospects as often as we possibly can – love it or hate it personally as a marketer you need to learn to love this keep it simple marketing!

As he goes on to explain Entrepreneurs and small businesses can now run “branding” ads (that will deposit into a customer or prospect’s relational equity account) WITHOUT breaking the bank.  Businesses that build their marketing strategy into an experience, into a story… they will win.

That’s great news because we’ve all got stories and experiences to share and this really is one of the best keep it simple branding strategies.  You prospects get to know you, about your life – you might make them laugh, you might make them cry … whichever it is you will make an impact on them.

You can do this via video ads or ads to pieces of content… on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube for ad budgets as low as $5.

Keep It Simple Marketing

Keep it simple marketing is all about the experience you’re creating for the end user in 2016 and actually it always has been as far as we’re concerned.

Content on social media (especially Facebook) is going to be one of the easiest keep it simple marketing  strategies that you can use as it will serve to fill up the vault of your prospect with goodwill constantly.

Add to that targeting options on traffic platforms will become even more effective (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Luckily we’ve been doing this throughout 2015 and having seen that success will be doing much more of it in 2016

However you must be willing to…

  • Figure out who you serve
  • Figure out how you can serve them
  • Deliver value  in advance in the form of content

Businesses are now able to balance branding and direct response marketing and we’re confident that those who adopt and understand this mentality in 2016 will win

When we started our online business we were fortunate to be taught the importance of branding and adding value to our marketplace but we didn’t understand at that time the importance of target marketing and pretty much tried to sell our online education products to anyone and everyone.  It was a good experience, we learned a lot from it but now we absolutely know who our target market is and that’s who we will be serving in 2016.  Filling up our vault and filling up the vault of our perfect clients

Marketing is about putting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time and content is an unbelievably powerful way to find that “right person”.  If  you’re consuming content (blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc) on retirement for instance (our target market) we know you’re interested in RETIREMENT.

What is new today is that content can be paired with ad retargeting to make the right offer to the right person at the right time to those people that read (showed interest in) your article, blog, video, podcast …

You can read the full post from Ryan Deiss and his Digital Marketer team here

To add to this we’re predicting that Simple Sales Funnels will be the order of the day and that’s said with a sigh of relief.  We’ve watched the creation of complex sales funnels over the past 12 months and honestly most first time entrepreneurs look at them and say “I can never do that” so they don’t and their business doesn’t grow as it should.  Some traditional businesses don’t even know what a sales funnel is let along an internet sales funnel (which we’ve  explained in previous postst and videos)

Keep It Simple Sales Funnels

Internet Funnel SystemSurprise surprise keep it simple sales funnels is going to be BIG. We were on a webinar earlier this week with Kim Roach a very successful online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer and product creator and she predicted as we are that simple sales funnels are going to win this year. We love this because we believe that ‘keep it simple’ is going to escalate the success of a lot of entrepreneurs.  We give credit to her for the image as she shared it on her webinar.  You can track her down at Buzzblogger

06-01-2016 18-17-39

For a first time online entrepreneur this simple sales funnel is going to be simple easy to create and your core offer can be your own product or it can be the product of someone else.  With all the tools we have available to us these days like LeadPages for creating landing pages and Aweber for collecting prospect information and delivering your emails there is no excuse.

All you need is the right education to teach you how to find the right traffic for your target market so you can place your core offer in front of them all the while providing that value content we talked about above and branding yourself.

PS  We predict the marketers that do video will win in 2016.  Facebook already has made it easy for us to upload video and already begun live streaming direct into Facebook in the USA.  Our rules are still going to apply and it will be keep it simple video!  Just get it out there

Image credits : Shutterstock and Kim Roach

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