Three Steps To Success Formula

Three Steps To Success Formula

Three Steps To SuccessEveryone but everyone over complicates the setting of goals.  Big goals are great and we should all have them but the secret is “chunking” and what we call our “Three Steps To Success Formula”

Interestingly enough that was the subject of Darren Hardy’s (Success Magazine) video today

He explains the three steps to success  excepectionally well  with the title Aim Small so we’ll let him explain …

Three Steps To Success – Darren Hardy

The Compound EffectIn the video Darren talks about one of the biggest mistakes that people make is to attempt these extreme makeovers. Trying to do too much, too quickly. It is a setup for failure. You remember Richard, from The Compound Effect? That’s exactly what happened to him.

Highly recommend you read The Compound Effect to jump start your income, your life and your success and why you can build from the three steps to success until your reach your ultimate goal.

The problem we see so often is that goals are set like “I want to earn a million dollars” which is a great goal but it’s so big that it’s hard to take the first step on that thousand stair staircase the Darren talks about so they never do and they quickly give up on their dream.

We talk about it in our own book The Mindset Shift – Goal Setting Success Secrets.  We’ve been there and we know exactly what it’s like to fail in achieving your biggest goals. It’s demotivating and debilitating and like Darren says …

Then your brain thinks, “Maybe you should have breakfast first. Or walk the dogs. Or get a load of laundry started. Or sort the mail on your desk before you begin this arduous task of climbing this staircase…

Its far easier to just step on the first staircase and not look up so that tomorrow you can progress to the next step and then the next – it’s why we call it the Three Steps To Success Formula

Just take the first step and then the next step …  you do this Monday. You do this Tuesday. You do it Wednesday. Week after week. Month after month and the compound effect starts to take effect and before you know it your biggest goal can be achieved.

It works for us and it can work for you so why not give it a try?

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