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The launch of our Free Interactive Live Webshow took place last night 20 September at 8.00 p.m (London UK). It was a great success so a big thank you to all those who joined us.

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This is ideally suited to people just getting started online or who want to take their business to the next level.

Each week we will cover topics such as:-

  • Building your online business foundations
  • Marketing
  • List building
  • Mindset
  • Planning
  • Websites
  • Technology
  • Tips and Resources

To ask us questions and take part you can get your personal invitation here

From time to time we will have invited guests to speak on their speciality and deliver training for YOU.  We already have a great line up of guests ready to share their expertise – if you know anyone you would like to receive training from then just let us know and we’ll do our best to have them join us.

Here are some of the guests who will be joining us on future shows:-

  • Daniel Priestly
  • Stuart Ross
  • Daniel Wagner
  • Lilach Bullock
  • Peter Thomson
  • Chris Farrell
  • Tom Breeze
  • Mavis Nong
  • John Pretto
  • Matt Duggen
  • Jo Barnes
  • Phil Henderson
  • Nicola Cairncross
  • Viv Craske

Why not Google them and find out more about them

Some you may know and some you may not but you can be sure they will be delivering great value by sharing their experiences and expertise.

Last night was our very first show – we loved it and so did you judging from the comments we have had so far both on our blog, on facebook and by email.

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Comment from Jeremy Tang

Webinar was amazing


Testimonial from Lilach Bullock

Chris Wilson Comment

We have already had some suggestions for future training – keep it coming guys!  This is YOUR live interactive show!

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