How to make $1000 sales in your business

Excited with Chris and Susan BeesleyYou’ve made that epic decision, put your toes in the water and taken the first steps towards starting your online business.  Congratulations!

You’ve read all about making it big online (there are loads of people “talking about it“) and you most probably get started with selling some affiliate products or may even have a product of your own.  These will generate you an income of between $10 and $30 per sale, maybe even as much as $100.  It sounds great doesn’t it (we thought so too when we first looked at getting started online)  However the reality is that you need to sell a lot of stuff at $10 to replace your income!

Bean Counter Chris and Susan BeesleyThose of you who know our background (we’re accountants) that’s a lot of products you need to sell to make a good income (maybe to replace your full time employed income).  You don’t need to be a ‘bean counter‘ to work that one out!

Like you, we certainly liked the idea of working on line but it was going to take us a long long time to quit our management consultancy business if we sold products that were only going to make us an average of $50 a sale!  Counting beans that means we would need to sell 200 products at $50 to make $10,000 and that’s before paying for any marketing.

Now that’s not to say that selling affilate products is a bad idea ….. far from it.  In fact it is a part of our business model.

Let’s look at how you can make that $10,000 per month selling what we call ‘high ticket‘ products – that is products that you make $1000 for each one that you sell …. and you have not had to create this product and you do not have to do the ‘selling‘. It certainly appealled to us and is one of the most important legs‘ of our business (we call our business model ‘Three Legged Stool

The Three Legged Stool

Now we just hate selling as we’re sure that you do… what’s more we hate being sold to – are you the same?

Used Car Salesman Image Chris and Susan BeesleyWhen we got started online we found high ticket the best way to build our business fast. Naturally, you have to do your marketing and advertising in a hungry market to build a list of buyers but generally people looking to spend in the region of $2000 – $5000 are serious buyers.  Your high ticket products could earn you anything from $1000 to $10,000 per sale!  We know, because we sell them.

Let’s look at where low priced products can be beneficial.  Take for example a product that we sell for $19.95 This product is packed full of value and could easily sell for $500.  BUT … it sells for $19.95   This builds trust with your subscribers and that is key.

Build Trust Chris and Susan Beesley

Now, the quickest way to sell high ticket is as an affiliate (yes you can sell products at $2000 as an affiliate just as you would as an affiliate of a $100 product)  If you can find high quality high converting offers and just send targeted traffic to those offers then you can literally sit back and collect the commissions.  We have done exactly that so we know it works.

Another key is to change who you’re marketing to. Choose markets where your customers have money – seek to sell to the affluent instead of those barely getting by.  Everyone has an ‘audience’.   Focusing on targeting serious entrepreneurs. People who read similar books to you.  People who follow the successful gurus like Robert Kiyosaki Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins etc.  Targeting people this way makes a lot more sense than targeting the ‘Get Rich Quick’ crowd that you typically see in the internet marketing industry.

There are a lot of people out there spending thousands of dollars on “stuff” who are likely to want to buy into an online business selling high quality and high value products.  If you don’t believe that then you need a radical change in your mindsetet.  In most businesses, people are willing to spend money to get what they want. These are some of the best customers you can ever have…if you focus on them and deliver exactly what they’re looking for (people who buy expensive holidays, play golf, go skiing, like and drive nice cars etc etc)

In our experience most new online entrepreneurs have no idea how to get started with selling high ticket products and for that reason we hold a FREE online Webinar to teach people exactly what they need to do!  This is 60 minutes that could honestly change your way of thinking and your life.

There are only 1000 places on the webinar so make sure you secure you place

On Tuesday 27th September we will be having Stuart Ross as a guest on our Live Interactive Webshow talking about “high ticket” .  Get your personal invitation here

Any questions then please just call us or fill in our form and we’ll be happy to answer them

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