myIMUniversityMyIMUniversity: As the name suggests My IM University is a portal of online education courses on what are described by the creators of this platform as “hot and high in demand IM (internet marketing) topics” which you as an owner of your very own portal can also re-brand and resell and keep the profits!

Now we’re sure your asking yourself “is there a catch” right?  We had those same thoughts so we got a copy of the software from our good friend and the creator of this software Dr Amit Pareek so we could see for ourselves…

We never recommend programs, tools, resources or software that we don’t use ourselves or see as being of value to our tribe

Let’s share with you what you get inside myIMUniversity (My IM University) because sometimes it’s just easier to see broken down in an article like this and get a personal perspective.

Background to myIMUniversity

2019-03-05_16-21-02Selling digital information products is considered by top marketers to be one of the best way to make money online.

But on the other hand, it has always been a big problem for the marketers to find a good piece of information on trending and high in demand topics, as it requires lots of research and time & money… plus it can be expensive if you go the outsource route!

What is myIMUniversity

myIMUniversity” is a software that allows you to effortlessy create your own profitable Online Marketing Academy packed with PLR HD Video Courses on those hot and high-in-demand IM topics we talked about above but best of all you can rebrand and resell them individually to keep 100% profits!

Check myIMUniversity Now!

What makes myIMUniversity Different

  • Ready to Use 5 Courses (With Step by Step Guide & Training Videos)
  • Ready to Use Affiliate/Sales Page (So You can sell Courses/Guides/Training Videos)
  • Inbuilt Cloud Hosting
  • Multiple Sub Domains
  • Advanced Course Reports (like Sale/Conversion Rates/EPC etc)
  • Banner & Advertiement
  • Payment Integration

Plus many other valuable features

Will you use all the features? Not necessarily but they are all there and built in for you to use as you choose when you want them.

How To Get Started With myIMUniversity

2019-03-07_17-31-21It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step #1: Choose a ready-to-sell HD training module
Step #2: Edit by simply enter your details to build credibility and attract visitors.
Step #3: Enjoy more traffic and sales as the software shares these HD video training courses right in front of highly engaged customers

How To Make Profits With myIMUniversity

  • Rebrand & Resell the products for 100% profits
  • Build A List By Offering training courses (Or Just One Of Its Modules) As A Free Gift
  • You Can Use The Digital Courses For Personal Use
  • Add Them As A High-Quality Bonus To Your Products
  • Use The Courses As A Bonus To Another Product You Are Selling!
  • Built Them Out Into A Private Membership Site And Charge A Monthly Fee
  • Use Them As Training In Your Seminars Or Webinars

We think you can see there are lots of possibilities and that you can see the value of myIMUniversity for your business and brand…

And if you don’t have a business yet what better place to start!

Check myIMUniversity Now!

We’ll let you into a secret… we paid $3000 for access to a portal of training materials like this when we first started.  We were looking for training courses for our clients to help them expand their busienss and take advantage of the internet (which was in it’s infancy then)

It was discovering that we could start a business online selling information products that really attracted us and 9 years later we’re still here and just as passionate about online business education and training so we’re excited to be building our own academy using myIMUniversity and we can certainly see many uses for it in the future.

Thanks for reading and hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to start your own digital information business or like us if you are a more seasoned entrepreneur to use it to add value and build your brand as well.

Good luck and do come back and share your story and what you have created with myIMUniversity 🙂

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Who Are We

We’re former accountants of a certain age with 5 great kids and 4 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful business online and now speak on international stages following our passion.  Our business is centered on online marketing, financial and business education and specifically around the topic of affiliate marketing.  You can find out more and ways to work with us here

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Create Your Own Profitable Online Marketing Academy Packed With PLR HD Video Courses On Hot & High In Demand IM Topics Which You Can Also Re-Brand & Resell Individually And Keep 100% Profits
  • Ready to Use 5 Courses (with step by step Guide & Training Video
  • Ready to Use Affiliate/Sales Page (so you can sell courses/guides/training videos)
  • Inbuilt Cloud Hosting
  • Multiple Sub Domains
  • Advanced Course Reports (like sales/conversion rates/EPC etc)
  • Banners & Advertisements
  • Payment Integration 
Using my IMUniversity is 3 easy steps
  • Step #1 Choose a ready-to-sell HD Training Module
  • Step #2 Edit by simply entering your details to build credibility and attract visitors
  • Step #3 Get More Traffic & Sales as the software shares these HD video training courses right in front of highly engaged customers
Want some ideas on how to make profits with myIMUniversity?
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