What Is The Patriot Funnel System

What Is The Patriot Funnel System

Patriot Funnel System LogoThe Patriot Funnel System (PFS) is a brand new product  to be offered by the Online Education Platform MOBE and is designed specifically to help people who are military veterans or personnel and to create an income through online entrepreneurship.

We’ll explain more about this in a moment but for now we wanted to explain a little more about funnels and and why in your marketing they are so important.  In fact we’ve written about the importance of having a funnel system in an earlier post – you can read it here – it really is crucial in your business and means that you will attract the right customers to your business.

That’s why the Patriot Funnel System is designed to attract just military personnel and veterans and to “repel” anyone else who it is not designed for.

Let’s look at the Patriot Funnel System

At this risk of repeating ourselves because it’s important, the Patriot Funnel System is designed specifically as we’ve said earlier to appeal to military and forces veterans and personnel and as such you would ONLY market this system to them.

This requires knowledge of marketing and in particular target marketing.

The best places to find this information is search engine such as Google and through specific forums  or social media and  in particular Facebook where you are best able to reach a very targeted audience.

Research into your target audience (in this case military veterans and personnel) is important is because you want to know exactly what this target market’s biggest problems are so that you can put the right solution in front of them

A lot of thought has to go into creating a funnel system of any kind – from the design of the logo to the copy on the sales page – and of course if there is a video on the sales page,  that the people on the video truly represent the market they are speaking to.

Jason And ErickaIn the Patriot Funnel System you meet Erika and Jason who were both in the military and know exactly the problems faced by this population and are therefore the perfect people to be the front of the Patriot Funnel System.

We were lucky enough to meet them last year in Cancun Mexico at a business mastermind and when we got to talk to them we realised what a huge problem existed for ex-military personnel not just in the United States where they live but all around the world.  Their whole lives and careers have been dedicated to their military duties and when it all ends what do you do?

So that’s exactly why The Patriot Funnel System was created.  To solve the problems faced by military veterans and personnel.

Patriot Funnel System – Erika and Jason’s Story

If you are a military veteran and looking to create an online income to supplement or replace your military income and have no previous experience you will want to learn exactly how to make money online.  The Patriot Funnel System (PFS) will provide you with a step by step coaching program teaching you the basics of generating an income online:

  • without creating your own products
  • without building websites
  • without dealing with customers
  • without managing staff

You will get all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to make $100s, $1000’s … even $10’s of $1000’s per month.  Basically, you get all the benefits of an established business without having to do the majority of the hard work yourself.

All you have to do is send leads through Patriot Funnel System (PFS)  and then you get paid as sales are made FOR YOU.

This allows a military veteran to create a business of any size depending on their specific needs as well as have control of their personal financial security.

If you are reading this and are a military veteran do get back to us so we can provide you with the details of how you can get started with the Patriot Funnel System.

If you are anyone else then we’re certain we will have a solution for you too so do let us know so we can show you.  Our  21 step coaching program could well suit you.

Who Are We

We’re former accountants of a certain age with 5 great kids and 3 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful business online and now speak on international stages following that passion.  Our worldwide educational business is centered on online marketing education and wealth creation and a desire to help you create financial freedom online through entrepreneurship whatever your age or experience.

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