What’s Your Picture Of Success

What’s Your Picture Of Success

Your Picture Of SuccessWhat’s your picture of success?” That’s the question you should be asking yourself because it’s a very individual thing and it isn’t always about financial success, wealth or being rich although it may well be related

What’s your picture of success is the question posed by our friend and entrepreneur Jeff Walker (we write about him a lot because we see so many similarities between him and us even though we are comparative ‘newbies’ compared to him.  But that’s the point really – his picture or success, our picture of success and YOUR picture of success are very different

We love this video of his where he explains for many reasons but not least of which because like us he loves to ski and he’s built his business to give him ski time

What’s Your Picture Of Success – Jeff Walker

As he says …

What’s your picture of success? If you’re going to hit a target, you have to get clear on what you’re aiming at

If success to you means having a dream home or a fancy car that’s great and you now know what you’re aiming for.

If your picture of success is seeing yourself fit and healthy you know what you have to do to achieve that – lose weight and get more exercise (yes us too!)

If success to you means creating financial security for your retirement as it does for us then you know what you are aiming for.  You have to know what that looks like though – is it more time (and the money) to travel, is it to pursue a cause, a hobby or just have the money to pay your bills.  You have to get specific on what YOUR picture of success looks like.

If you don’t know your what is known as the famous “reason why” then it so easy to get side-tracked and give up when the going gets tough

Chris SkiingOur picture of success was to achieve financial security through working for ourselves as entrepreneurs and like Jeff Walker to be able to ski when the conditions were perfect – jump on a plane out to the mountains and live in the moment.  That one picture of success was the driving force to get up every day and work towards that goal.  When we were working in our traditional business the chances of doing this were remote because of our commitment to our clients.

Your Visions And Goals 3DAnother of our goals (a picture of success we needed to see) was to build our financial security in retirement and be able to travel the world now while we are still relatively young.  You have to have this picture of success looking back at you 24/7 to do what it takes to achieve that goal, that desire.

You can download our free “Your Vision Your Goals” to help you form your picture of success

If you are considering working with us we look forward to speaking with you and helping you  create your picture of success.

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