The Truth About Personal Branding

The Truth About Personal Branding

The Truth About BrandingWe’re currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and there’s a whole chapter within the “Success in The Digital Age” section on branding.  Why? Because the truth about personal branding is very different to what you may have thought!

He quotes Matthew Capala author of Away with the Average  who says “personal branding online is not about you; it’s about your content. How do you become someone worth talking to, or even better, worth talking about?”  

That’s what we want to talk about today in this article “The Truth About Personal Branding” and give you some of our insights into the strategies you should be using (the same strategies that have helped us in our business and can help you too).

The Truth About Personal BrandingFirst of all what you need to consider is the portrait you paint of yourself – remember what’s said and done on the internet is pretty much on the internet forever so you are going to want to be careful about how you manage your online persona and post information that will contribute positively to the image you are presenting to the world

If you have already begun to create your online presence then ask yourself “what does my online presence say about me”  If you do this with care and attention then you can turn yourself into an online brand that will be with you forever.

Another truth about personal  branding and especially online (and no longer a myth) is that personal branding is for YOU and not just for celebrities.  With easy access to so many different media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, YouTube etc its possible for each and every one of us as entrepreneurs to become a brand and build brand equity.

The Truth About Personal Branding – Strategies

Firstly get crystal clear on what you want you want to achieve as this will help you set your goals towards achieving your aim and as it will stay with you for a lifetime you want to get this right.   Your market value is to a large degree based on your thoughts and the strength of your personal brand in the world and your wealth flows from your valuable personal brand.

Now you have to go out and start creating and distributing content that positions you as someone who has value and benefit – as an entrepreneur that means your potential customer or client.  Make sure that you are targeting the market you are most passionate about and which will provide the greatest benefit for your future

  1. Start a blog and build a website – blogging is probably the very best way to hone your brand online.  Writing your thoughts, sharing your experiences and helping people will help build awareness of your brand . We recommend which is what this article (blog post)  is written on.  With a wide choice of themes to suit your brand its an inexpensive way to create a branded presence.  Your blog shares your knowledge and your website offers solutions to your audience
  2. Create Key Social Media Profiles – choose the ones where your target market are comfortable but do include Facebook in the mix for your paid marketing efforts.  Remember social media is where you connect, share links and network.  It isn’t where you overtly sell.
  3. Post content regularly both on your blog and on your social media profiles
  4. Share your story – your ‘reason why’ – as Simon Sinek the author of Start With Why says “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it

With your blog and website and key social media accounts set you you now have the perfect destination for your social media followers – a place to send people where they can find out how to work with you and buy from you.

The truth about personal branding is that it requires diligence and effort to stay both active and connected and with a blog and social media combined you have the perfect storm.

Be a person of integrity, be empowering and respect viewpoints of others and above all radiate success by sharing articles, books, quotes etc.  When you share interesting information YOU become interesting. People want to see what’s possible for their lives not just from you but from others who you follow and associate with.

In conclusion branding is a critical component to a customer’s purchasing decision. There is no hiding anymore and transparency and authenticity are the only means to survive and thrive in the digital age as an entrepreneur.  We’re in an age now where storytelling and building relationships is key and the truth about personal branding is that you need to be doing it!

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