Persistence For Entrepreneurs And Millionaires

Persistence For Entrepreneurs And Millionaires


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Online marketing is a challenge for anybody at first. You have to get your marketing out there, which requires you to have persistence.  Persistence in learning how to do it and persistence in applying yourself to learning what it takes

There really is a fair amount to learn but if you take it step by step it’s possible and persistence will definitely pay off in the long run.  Sorry but there is no quick fix to this.

What we can tell is that PERSISTENCE will pay off for you.  When we first got started online in October 2009 (just over 3 years ago) we thought, just like you probably do, that it would be a doddle – we’re quick to learn and having run a successful business consultancy company of our own – thought that it would be simple.  Well, it was – sort of – it’s just it took us a bit longer than we first envisaged.  The good news is that our persistence really did pay off and it will for you too provided you keep motivated and see results albeit small results on a consistent basis.

We have found more and more people are dropping out of a business that they built and worked so hard for.  These are reasons we hear:-

  1. It doesn’t work, I have been doing this for a week and nothing.

  2. This is a lot of work, I didn’t expect it to be this hard.

  3. I don’t know how you are making money, when I can’t make any money.

People want to make money right away, they are excited.  They do a couple of paid ads and expect immediate results. They don’t realise that in fact they need to persistence! There are no get rich quick schemes out there – they don’t exist.  We’ve been looking and they just aren’t there so we’ll save you the bother.

You have to build your business and you have to have persistence. Building any business has to have determination, work ethic and persistence behind it.

We love this video from Brian Tracy.  It’s a firm favourite and worthwhile watching as you will really get it after you’ve watched it.

Persistence – by Brian Tracy



As Brian Tracy says, keep trying. Watch that video above – all the way through!

Brian Tracy always says if you do not have persistence, you should not be working for yourself or running your own business.

If you are new to the internet marketing world and you are looking to make some money, You must first understand the need for persistence.

If you do not have another income source, or a job it is going to be a little more challenging for you. If you have persistence and keep doing what we and others are doing you will ultimately succeed.

TIP  If you already have a steady income in a job please do not sacrifice it for working on the internet in one fail swoop.  Build your business part time and learn what it takes.  That is exactly what we did and it paid off for us.  Our consultancy business income allowed us to build our presence online and do all of our branding, setting up our website etc while we were still “working” and getting paid by our clients.  It is incredibly foolish to give up a well paid income until your have set up the foundations of your online business and know that it can support you stand alone.

Unfortunately the online business riches that you see only come from persistence and working hard and won’t just arrive without knowing what to do, how to do it, how to get traffic and a lot lot more.

We can say that we absolutely love running our online multiple streams of income business but it definitely wasn’t plain sailing or easy.  It took persistence!

Do you think the leaders in the organisation you are looking at or already working in made $200.00 a day or $1,000.00 a day right out the gate.  NO they absolutely didn’t!

Keep pushing forward and have persistence. Do what other leaders are doing –  understanding that they too had to have persistence – they didn’t just wake up one day making millions of dollars online.

They too, had to work their socks off to make it happen for them. They are still working their socks off.  They have persistence and determination to keep getting better at what they do – just as we do and just as you should.

We work with two online education and training companies which have affiliate programs and are a great way for you to get started since you can earn as you learn.  The founders and leaders in both of these businesses do what they teach their affiliates to do so you will be in the right place to learn those skills.  Just different vehicles.

We leave the choice to you because we respect that you can choose and we won’t ‘shoe horn‘ you into one program because that is the only one we are promoting.  We want you to have the one that is right for you – they both have their own merits and it is really a matter of your choice.

If you want some guidance please get in touch with us – all our details are below

Our Recommended Business Programs are based on different requirements:

The Six Figure Mentors & The Digital Experts Academy

For serious entrepreneurs who are prepared to invest, be educated and see that generating an income online is a long term sustainable business.  Ideally suited to professionals seeking a digital lifestyle. With the marketing system of The Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy product line you can earn a residual income for using and recommending the system and commissions from $1000 – $8000 for selling the products.

The Six Figure Mentors / Digital Experts Academy

The Ten Ten Formula & Empower Network

For entrepreneurs who want to get started fast with a ready made website/blog.  Members can become affiliates and earn commissions from $25 to $3000 on sales of the products  (online marketing and education products)

The Empower Network


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 Persistence Entrepreneurs And Millionaires

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