The First Entrepreneur Books We Read

The First Entrepreneur Books We Read

books-1757734_960_720The First Entrepreneur Books We Read : We’ll be perfectly honest with you, reading business books was not high on our agenda during our career as accountants and management consultants.  When we had a project to complete we read what was necessary to get the information we needed to make it a successful project for our clients.

Then one day back in 2005 we entered the world of network marketing and that all changed.  Suddenly there was this thing called “personal development” and we began a new journey of discovery – books we didn’t even know existed

The Books That Changed Our Lives

The first ever self-improvement book we read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s what lead us to believe that we could achieve whatever we put our mind to. It’s what has got us through many difficult times since on our journey as online entrepreneurs ignoring non-believers and just having a lot of faith in what we were pursuing.

We now have a very special bound signature copy in our library which we cherish

If you ask most successful entrepreneurs they will tell you a similar story

When it came to business and “becoming wealthy”, one of the books that inspired us was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Sharon Lechter and Robert Kiyosaki.  Most people think of Robert Kiyosaki when they think of the book but it was actually Sharon Lechter who was the brains behind the Rich Dad Poor Dad Empire!

The other was Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker  We had BIG Dreams and Goals and we needed to have a “millionaire mind” if we were to achieve them.

books-918521_960_720It wasn’t until much later in 2010 when we became entrepreneurs ourselves that we read the book that inspired our laptop lifestyle business – The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.  Although we now understand better the meaning behind the book (which is really about outsourcing your business activities) the seed was sown.  We were nearing retirement and we wanted to see the world now!  With a truly portable online business we knew we could.  So now we get to read novels on the beach as well!

Had we not read that book, we honestly don’t believe we would have seen the potential and grow a global online business as a result… one where we get to travel and teach and train others on the methods we use to achieve our dreams and goals.

But there’s one more book.  Simon Sinek’s book Find Your Why which helped us find our ‘why’, and that is to inspire people to pursue their entrepreneurial dream so that they too can live a life of freedom especially if like us they are in or approaching retirement

The Slight EdgeAre there other books?  Of course there are but those really stick in our mind and today one of the books we recommend to our students is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen.

We believe entrepreneurs should all aim high and achieve their greatest success but to do that they need what we call “slight edge” strategies.  The ones that practised every day create the greatest results

In fact we’re about to fly to Reno Nevada where we will be presenting the Slight Edge Strategies we use in our business… more on that in another post 🙂

So you can find all the books we mentioned just below and in another post we’ll talk about some other special books that have shaped our career as online entrepreneurs (just to save you time searching for them)

Remember though knowledge is only power when applied.

You want to be applying more than you consume.

Learn a great deal but apply relentlessly

Nothing happens without ACTION (movement)

Whether you seek to become an entrepreneur or have already started your pursuit, you’re one advice, lesson or book away from reaching the next step towards your dreams.

The First Entrepreneur Books We Read

Think & Grow Rich : Click Here

Rich Dad Poor Dad : Click Here

Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind : Click Here

The Four Hour Work Week : Click Here

Find Your Why : Click Here

The Slight Edge : Click Here

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