The Mindset Shift

The Mindset Shift

mindset shift

This weekend we have been putting the finishing touches to our book “The Mindset Shift” – a book that we have been writing with our friend, mindset blogger and author Amanda Ollier

The key element of the book “The Mindset Shift” is about the mindset shift from employee to home business entrepreneur with lots of tips, explanations and exercises to help you make that mindset shift.

Included in the book is the transcription of a video interview that Susan had with
Sharon Lechter.  Sharon is Co-Author of The Rich Dad Poor Dad books with Robert Kiyosaki and also Co-Author of Three Feet From Gold with Greg S Reid.  Susan asked Sharon her advice for anyone looking to take that mindset shift from an employee to an entrepreneur and this forms the basis of our book.

 Sharon Lechter talks about the Mindset Shift

For those of you who find it easier to read rather than watch or listen, we have transcribed the questions and answers inside this video so you can fully understand the importance of that mindset shift.

Susan asked Sharon the question

“A lot of people who are employed or never owned a business want to start their first business but have a problem stepping over the line to become an entrepreneur.  What would you say to them to help them take that next step”

This is what Sharon said in response

“If your life and wealth require a guaranteed income don’t quit your job outright but start going to seminars; start looking at what it is you want to do as a business and start getting involved.  Find out a way – maybe volunteer at an event – learn about what you want to do so you gain knowledge because once you understand more about what you want to start a business around a lot of that FEAR will go away.  You can start your business on the side and then all of a sudden you are going to see that your part time business is making more and more money and you can say goodbye to your employment but without that fear, without putting yourself or your family at risk.

Understand what that risk is to you and acknowledge it but also know you are doing what’s right for your family – take a step by step transition.

Stay as an employee and start a business on the side.  Keep reading. Keep going to seminars.  Surround yourself with people already in that business so that you can learn from them because ‘successful people want to help others to become successful’   Reach out and get that mastermind together so that you are not feeling alone.

A lot of people that are employees who want to start a business really are just starting another job because they’re not doing it correctly – they’re trying to do it all by themselves instead of having that team.”

Very wise words indeed and words that we endorse in this book and because it very much follows what we did ourselves when we made that same transition from having a a job (because our own business at that time was exactly that!) to becoming a home based entrepreneur and able to work by design from anywhere in the world.  We were able to make that mindset shift because we had one very huge “Why” just as you will discover that reading this post.

The Mindset Shift – Your Reason Why

Taken from the book “The Mindset Shift” by Amanda Ollier and Chris and Susan Beesley ….

” Start with your why

To be successful in life you need a reason, an aim. Napoleon Hill called it the ‘Definite Chief Aim‘.

The Mindset Shift

When Alice asked the Chelsea Cat, during her adventures in Wonderland, if she was on the right road, he asked her where she was going. She said she didn’t know and he replied that in that case any road would get her there! And he was right. If you are wandering aimlessly you will never arrive at your destination because you don’t have one! You may miss golden opportunities because you don’t appreciate their significance and you are likely to live in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction and feel unfulfilled.

If you are thinking about making the change from employment to being a home based entrepreneur, there must be a reason and the first step in your journey is to establish what that is.

This is your WHY.

* Why do you want that change?

* What are you looking for that you don’t currently have in your life?

* What do you currently have in your life that you wish to eradicate or reduce?

To discover what your why is, you need to look beyond the obvious and material.

Look for the end result, the emotional reward, the feeling that comes as a result of having that thing that first comes to mind and that’s where you’ll find the real reason why and the thing that will drive and motivate you.

All the things we yearn for in life, as practical and tangible as they might seem, ultimately lead to a positive feeling. We all want to improve our lives; to feel better.

When thinking about changing what you do for a living (now isn’t that an interesting phrase in itself!) you may well want more money. You may have a long list of the things you’ll buy with it and think that this is your reason why, but if you look at the list and ask yourself

* Why do I want that?

* For what purpose?

You will very quickly notice that owning those things is just a means to an emotional end. Either it will make you feel better about something or it will make someone you care about feel better  ….”

Inside the book you will find an exercise where you can ask and answer these questions for yourself.

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