The Power of A Community

The Power of A Community

The Power of A Community

The power of a community or tribe really cannot be underestimated when you get started online and to be honest is one of the key elements of any training platform that you should look at when you are researching for a system to help you on the road to success *

The community is the hub of The Six Figure Mentors as it is with our own training platform for Empower Network – the Ten Ten Formula.  Whether that community is a stand alone site or a private Facebook Group such as we have for the Ten Ten Formula and Empower Network this is what binds everyone together with a common purpose and support for one another – one of the basic human needs.

Now we are not NLP trained or have experience in that field but our good friend and author of The Self Help Bible is.  Amanda Ball  has written this guest blog post for you with her experienced eye ….. and knowledge.

As human beings we are driven by lots of things, including a number of ‘instincts.’ These are innate behaviours that we do automatically without having to be taught or learn to do them. One example of these is our fight or flight response whereby our body prepares us to run from danger or to stand and fight our corner. When a huge bear appears in front of you, you don’t have to think about whether it’s a good idea to call it over or how to run away; even before the danger has registered in your mind, your brain has signalled the release of a cocktail of neuro-chemicals, to turn you into a sprint champion and you’ll be meters away before you even think about it.

The Power of A CommunityAnother of these primal forces is our herding or grouping instinct. In the early stages of human evolution, people would have grouped together for survival. Larger numbers would have meant greater resources for hunting and more chance of defeating any attackers and a larger gene pool (and choice!) for reproduction. Reproducing is another instinct which has ensured the survival of all the species we still see on earth today. If it wasn’t instinctive we would have died out by now – why else would we go through all that pain more than once?!    (Amanda is a mum like Susan so we can see why she would say that!)

As our society has become more ‘civilised‘, so our instincts have evolved and our herds or tribes are quite different now to those of our ancestors. We no longer live with our families all our lives, stay in the same place necessarily, or marry the boy next door. We do still have those instincts however.

If you look around you, you will see the herds everywhere and you may well belong to some yourself!

The Power of A CommunityPeople with similar hobbies, beliefs, jobs or problems are good examples of modern herds. The geographical tribes still exist and are often similar in nature to the socio-economic groups which occur. We don’t tend to call them herds or tribes anymore, preferring the title group or community, but they still have an important role in our lives.

Being with like minded people, or those with similar issues, goals, desires, history or resources, fulfils this primal instinct in us, providing a great source of comfort, reassurance and support. The old adage ‘A problem shared is a problem halved‘ still holds good and feeling that we are not alone can be enough to make the vital difference at low points in our lives.

The advent of the internet has taken our communities to a whole new level. We are no longer limited to the people we can meet face to face. Now we can search virtually the entire planet at the touch of a button to find those who are like us. The power of belonging to the right community should not be underestimated.

*If you are planning to undertake something new, belonging to a community can save you time, energy, money and heartache. Like your stone-age ancestors, why would you choose to reinvent the wheel, when your virtual neighbour has already progressed to a full set of alloys? Why go through the pain and expense of experimenting with techniques and tools that have already been proven to fail consistently? By drawing upon the resources and expertise of a community you can build upon the foundations already laid and take your project to the next level much faster.

Of course you should be discerning about the type of community you become part of. As with anything, you should be confident of the people you are populating your life with, even in the virtual sense it is easy to fall prey of less honest individuals! If you are looking to move into online business you must do your due diligence or you could find yourself parting with ideas and money for no gain. There is no shortage of unscrupulous wide-boys online, with their get rich quick schemes, so beware!

Luckily however, there are some online communities that actually work and becoming part one of these will help you to build your business and take it much further than any amount of isolated tapping on your pc!

Being part of a good community means you can avoid isolation, share ideas and expertise, create joint projects, learn from other people’s experience and enjoy the feeling of belonging to a group of like minded people.

Why wouldn’t you?

Amanda Ball   The Self Help Bible

You can connect with Amanda on her website The Self Help Bible

Our thanks to Amanda for her guest blog and looking forward to collaborating with her on a future publication written especially for online entrepreneurs.
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