The Retirement Crisis

The Retirement Crisis

The Retirement CrisisIt cannot have escaped anyone given media exposure that just about everyone no matter where they live or their nationality is going to face the retirement crisis.

It’s no longer possible for those of us who are baby boomers to bury our heads in the sand because the retirement crisis is here already …

A retirement problem is when your neighbor can’t afford his so-called golden years. A retirement crisis is when you can’t afford yours!

Recently Tony Robbins who you probably know better as a motivational speaker and multi millionaire entrepreneur has  ….. the retirement crisis

Tony Robbins Speaks About The Retirement Crisis

“We are, without a doubt, in uncharted waters. And many people, including your neighbors and colleagues are going to face the real likelihood of outliving their money.”

Today, Tony Robbins is not only sounding the alarm on The Retirement Crisis. He’s discovered a number of powerful solutions, which he spent four years investigating – some are specific to America (as they would be) but really they apply across the globe.

His mission in his own words is ….

“To set people up so you have an income for life – without ever having to work again. Once you achieve this, you will work only because you want to. Even if you’re starting out deep in debt, deep in the hole – no exaggeration…”

We certainly realise this because it was the forecast doom around pensions and retirement that spurred us into action to do something about it or we would have been working until we dropped in our accountancy and management consultancy business.  We were paid by the hour so really it was no different to being employed.  If we wanted to change this we had to be the change!

Our advice to you if you are retired or thinking about retiring soon – if you are looking for a way to safely get more income and money in your life – is to start doing something about it right now.  Not next year or the year after but NOW.  The retirement crisis is not going away anytime soon you can be assured of that.  This is not scaremongering.

This is FACT.

The retirement crisis fears are well justified.

According to the New York Times, over half of those entering retirement will ultimately run short of cash.

We don’t know about you but that’s not something we want to happen to us, our family or our friends.

There are two very different sides to the retirement crisis story … finds that nearly half of Americans place virtually no money aside for the future, fewer than one in four save more than 10% of their incomes, and only one in seven workers save more than 15%.  We’re sure it’s not a lot different in the United Kingdom where we currently live.

What’s the other side to this horror story?

Believe it or not, millions of people who decided to take an active role in their finances are writing their own chapters of retirement success … just like we are

The fact is that we have the ultimate responsibility to rescue our money and create a better future for ourselves and escape the retirement crisis.

Back to Tony Robbins …

Tony Robbins bookTony Robbins spent four years interviewing 50 of the most brilliant, influential players in the world of money and we think you will be shocked by what you discover in his book

It’s a book we have read from cover to cover and we suggest that you do too. Money: Master the Game is available at major bookstores and online

Bear in mind he is talking about America but like we said it’s happening all over the world!

He interviewed some of wealthiest self made billionaire entrepreneurs and asked them the questions

“If you couldn’t pass on any of your financial wealth to your children, but only a set of principles, what would they be?”

You’ll be shocked when you see what Tony Robbins uncovered.

You will quickly discover how to put your retirement savings (if you have them) on auto-pilot and find the most lucrative investments to legally shield your retirement savings from taxes… market crashes… and running out of retirement income.

You will be surprised to find out how the richest, most successful investors in the world got that way – and how they use completely different methods than the average investor, to continue to grow their wealth.

Not every solution suggested will be right for you but it will open your mind to new possibilities to overcome the retirement crisis.

For some of you it will be clear you have to accumulate the wealth first before you can begin to invest it.  It’s certainly that way for us.

We’re already using some of these ideas, techniques and strategies and creating a solution to the retirement crisis that anyone can do.

We hope we haven’t scared you but rather given you a wake up call so that you can start doing something about the retirement crisis and begin to turn your retirement dream into reality instead of doom and gloom.

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