Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLR

Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLR

Before we get down to sharing some of our top tips to grow your business with PLR let’s first look at what PLR is for those new to this concept

What is PLR

PLR stands for private label rights and is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.  As a buyer of any PLR you will have a license to use the content (subject to the license you purchased so always check)

We have been huge fans of PLR ever since we discovered it early on in our online business career and have both used it and taught our students and clients how to use it to grow their business.

Our Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLR

To put this in perspective , if you’re anything like us then we bet you have PLR content hidden away gathering virtual dust.  You’ve perhaps used it the one time to write an article, a blog post or create an e-book and then forgot all about it.  It’s time to dust it off and see some of the other was to use and leverage it to grow your business.  Some of the ways may be familiar to you but others not so.

Create A Lead Magnet

This is the one you are probably the most familiar with since we teach this the most.  Basically, you create an e-book, a report, a checklist, PDF, video series or something of value you can give away for free in exchange for a lead.  After all your mailing list is your most precious asset as you will hear any successful entrepreneur tell you.


Create An Autoresponder Follow Up Series with PLR Content

As we said earlier, the money is in your list – or more precisely  in the relationship with your list. Share your knowledge of the topic they signed up for by using PLR Content always remembering to add a call to action to purchase your product or service.

Add As A Bonus To A Paid Product

Without a doubt the internet is a competitive marketplace so adding something of value to a paid product, training or course for example is a great way to use a PLR product you have sitting on your hard drive but do make sure it’s relevant to what you’re selling won’t you!  Don’t laugh – we’ve seen some very weird offerings!

Create A Paid Product With PLR Content

Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLRYou can create eBooks, e-Courses, self education home study courses, webinars, slide presentations and more which can be sold.  Make sure you invest in and use only the very best content if you are selling it as you reputation depends on it.

On that note only use reputable PLR providers

Not only do they have a broad range of types of PLR they have great support and training to help you get the best from your purchase.  There’s an old adage “you get what you pay for” so choose your PLR provider wisely!

Use PLR Content To Publish On Your Blog

You’ve heard the expression content is king and that’s very true but coming up with articles can be both time consuming difficult especially if you are not good at copywriting or if English is not your first language.  There is so much PLR content available you should never run out of content.

Make A Podcast From PLR Content

Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLRPodcasting was unheard of when we started our online business but it’s fast becoming one of the most popular mediums of content distribution on the internet.  It’s super easy these days to create a podcast channel and build an audience around your topic.  We hadn’t thought about this one until we heard about it recently but what a great idea for using PLR Content.  We already have a podcast in a specific niche (Living The Retirement Lifestyle) but now this has given us a new idea to build and inspire an audience for our online business coaching and training for those starting a business in retirement.  Hope you like this idea as much as we do 🙂

Use PLR Content To Create A Membership Library

We recently looked at how much PLR content we had on our hard drive and decided we should put it to better use.  Now we’re working on creating a membership library of both free and paid for content.  This is an exciting new project and looking forward to getting it launched very shortly.

Now we’ve given you our top tips to grow your business with PLR let’s go and take a look at some ideas and some step by step tutorials on how to get traffic attract coaching clients and create courses using done for you brandable content

As a special gift for taking the time to read this article Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLR in collaboration with one of our favourite PLR providers we would like to offer you 10 Free Credits so you can download a choice of handouts, products, marketing materials and contents for your business

This limited offer is available once per person. New customers only.

Thank you for reading and we hope you found Top Tips To Grow Your Business With PLR helpful and you take our gift (with over 15,172 resource to choose from there’s bound to be something for everyone)





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