What’s The Secret?

What’s The Secret?

Whats The Secret Chris and Susan Beesley

This week we were the hosts for the “Cocktails with a Leader” livestream training session for the members of The Six Figure Mentors.  We always like to do some useful training as well as answering questions (a bit like “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” – if we don’t know the answer we ask the audience).

This week in response to conversations we have seen going on in our personal training community as well as The Six Figure Mentors private community and on Facebook, we though we would tackle the question “What’s The Secret” …. and we don’t mean the  famous movie and book.

So we have picked out some excerpts from the training we did and answer the question”What’s The Secret

Watch the video to discover the answer …. it’s very simple actually

So now that you have discovered the secret of your personal success what are you going to do about it.  What steps are you going to take to improve your skills in the areas of your business where you are not achieving the success you would like?

If you are just getting started, are you spending too much time on what we call “the learning curve” and not taking enough action in the places that matter?  This is very common but you can and do need to get through it.

Are you concentrating on the wrong areas of your business – spending too much time tweeking your website and making it look pretty?  It’s a nice to have but it won’t make you money!

Is it for example lack of traffic?  If it is, what steps are you going to take to get more leads and increase traffic to your lead capture pages and your website.  What marketing methods can you afford in terms of time and money?

Anyway, we could go on and onebut we are not going to.

Take a long hard look at what you are doing to hijack your business and pay attention to those areas that will generate you traffic, leads and sales.

It really is that simple and it really is down to one thing and one thing alone and that is YOU.

Now you know “The Secret” you can start taking the steps to make more money.

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What’s The Secret

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