Who Is My Market?

Who Is My Market?

Who is My MarketWho is my market?”  is probably the million dollar question for anyone starting out in business and in particular the online / internet / make money online world …

Because there are thousands upon thousands (even millions) of people looking to make money online and the question is how do they find YOU from all those people marketing

We’ve written extensively about this before but in this blog post we want to keep it super simple and share a 5 minute video “who is my market” and we think you will really get it straight away.  The video was recorded at a recent mastermind and although it has a slightly different title, in principle it answers the question “who is my market

It’s simple when you know …

 Who is My Market

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When you begin your journey with marketing, you need not look any further than your own experience when considering who to sell to. If you found or developed a winning product, the best audience for you is going to be that one that has traveled the same road that you have.

It’s always good to begin in familiar territory, it also lends itself to your credibility and experience. Think about all the trial and error you’ve gone through to get to the point to where you’re prepared to begin your own business and sell products online.

Think about the benefits that you would get out of the product you’re marketing. These benefits can be reflected straight on to your audience of potential customers. When it comes to your sales copy and sales videos, speak as if you’re talking to yourself … in that very moment when you needed the product that you are now selling.

What were those circumstances, what were your pains and problems ….

For us, we are now in our 60’s, from a professional background, approaching retirement. We want a business that we can run from anywhere in the world and be able to travel.

Do you think that there are thousands of people just like that?  Yes!

Our problem was we had a traditional business but we were tied to the UK and if we didn’t work we didn’t get paid and any extensive travel was out of the questions.  Our clients were chasing us even on holiday …

So therefore our marketing is directed to people just like ourselves – we especially love to use video because our target market, potential customer or avatar as it is often referred to are just like us and can see themselves in what we say and do.

So now you have it.  Just be yourself and find customers just like you and then you have answered the question “who is my target market?”

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