An Audience With Sharon Lechter

An Audience With Sharon Lechter

An Audience With Sharon LechterAn Audience With Sharon Lechter : After a five year gap from first meeting and interviewing Sharon Lechter in London in 2012 we were finally able to meet up and invite her to join us on our webshow “An Audience With” and find out where her passion for financial literacy and entrepreneurship has taken her and offer her words of wisdom and share her knowledge.

This was a huge honour for us as Sharon is a sought after speaker and spends a lot of her time travelling and speaking at events.

An Audience With Sharon Lechter Show

The show is sixty minutes of pure value as we ask Sharon Lechter to answer some questions posed to us by our tribe such as ..

“How has financial literacy changed in your lifetime?”,

“How did you get involved with the Rich Dad Poor Dad organisation and Co-Author the book Rich Dad Poor Dad with Robert Kiyosaki?”

And the very important question from our perspective as baby boomers

“How do you see the changed economy affecting people in or approaching retirement?”

(This specific question was prompted by an article we read on Investopedia “A June 2015 Government Accountability Office analysis found that average Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 have accrued about $104.000 in retirement savings.  Sound like a lot? Not when you realise that sum would translate into a $310 monthly payment if your money were invested in a lifetime annuity!)

We were able to stream the show LIVE on Facebook as well and judging from the comments and shares this was a very well received show

Here’s just a handful of comments from the 500+ views so far

“Love Sharon what she did with Napoleon Hill’s ‘Outwitting The Devil’ must read for anyone on the path to financial literacyStelios Stylianou “

Rosalind Lewis “Chris and Susan that was such good information and it changed my mindset about my business and where I want it to go. Thank you

Patrick Deruytter “What a great interview you had with Sharon

“Brilliant… Just brilliant” ~ Sam Thiara

Danilo Asturaro Fabulous live!


Here’s the books we and Sharon talked about during the show

If you would like to see the original interview with Sharon back in 2012 where we asked her about becoming an entrepreneur you can see that here

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Not only will you receive advance notification of shows but there are a lot of extra benefits such as the recordings with transcripts and much more

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